There are two major resources for advising in the Army ROTC program: Cadets and Cadre members. Cadets are students currently immersed in the program and experiencing the exact same thing future Cadets will face. This provides an inside view for prospective Army ROTC cadets. Army ROTC Cadre members are Active Duty Army Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who instruct Cadets and oversee the program. Cadre Officers and NCOs provide cadets with a wealth of knowledge drawn from years of experience both in the Army and with UAA.


Mentorship Program

Army ROTC is designed to help new Cadets succeed. A core tool to this concept is the Mentorship Program. Each semester Cadets are organized into mentor groups and sign a commitment to help each other. The mentor program includes academic counseling as well as Army ROTC education and support. Once Cadets progress past their freshman year, they receive mentees of their own and continue the service. Cadets are mentored by more senior Cadets throughout their Army ROTC career.


Cadre Advisors

LTC Adam Carson
Professor of Military Science
Eugene Short Hall Suite 211



SFC Kevin McGaha
Military Science Instructor
Eugene Short Hall Suite 211



MAJ Tim Brower
Assistant Professor of Military Science
Eugene Short Hall Suite 211