The UAA Ceramics program is designed to encourage students to develop a unique and personal approach to making wheel thrown and hand built ceramics. Beginning and intermediate classes are meant to give students a strong foundation in construction techniques, aesthetics, and studio equipment operation. Advanced classes allow students to develop a personal course of study that focuses on innovative techniques and concept development.


ART 201 Introduction to Hand Building
ART 202 Introduction to Wheel Throwing

ART 301 Intermediate Hand Building
ART 302 Intermediate Wheel Throwing

ART 401 Advanced Hand Building
ART 402 Advanced Wheel Throwing
ART 495 Practicum

ART 390 Special Topic in Art:
   Figurative Ceramic Sculpture
   Mold making and Slip Casting
   Glaze Calculation
   Wood and Soda Firing


Studio Hours:
The studio is open during non class hours:
Monday - Saturday, 7am – 10pm
Sunday, 10am – 10pm
Late Night Access from 10pm – 2am available by permission.

Hand Building and Wheel Throwing are located in two different buildings at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Both studios are stocked with the following equipment.

Wheel Throwing:
Gordon Hartlieb Hall, Room 108
907. 786. 6920

  • 20 Brent Wheels
  • 3 Skutt Wheels
  • 1 Lockerbie Kick Wheel
  • 1 Shimpo 4227 Oval Electric Kiln
  • 1 Skutt 4227 Oval Electric Kiln
  • 1 Olympic High Fire Electric Test Kiln
  • 1 40 cu. Ft. Car Kiln
  • 1 30 cu. Ft. Geil Kiln
  • 1 Soldner Clay Mixer
  • 2 Venco Pug Mills
  • 1 Spray Booth
  • Fully Stocked Glaze Mixing Room
  • 2 Ban Saws
  • 1 Wet Sander
  • 1 Digital Projector
  • 1 Canon Rebel XTi Camera
  • Photo Taking Facility
  • 1 IMac Desktop Computer
  • 1 Epson Stylus Photo RX 595 Printer

Hand Building:
Fine Arts Building, Room 106
907. 786. 1246

  • 2 Shimpo 4227 Oval Electric Kiln
  • 1 Skutt 1227 Barrel Electric Kilns
  • 1 Skutt 818 Barrel Test Kiln
  • 1 Olympic Test Kiln
  • 1 Raku Kiln
  • 1 30 cu. Ft. Geil Gas Kiln
  • 1 Soldner Mixer
  • 1 Slab Roller
  • 1 Sand Blaster
  • 1 Ban Saw
  • 1 IMac Desktop Computer
  • 1 Hewlitt Packard Laserjet 1300 Printer
  • Fully Stocked Plaster Room
  • Fully Stocked Glaze Room
Student Clay Club:

The Ceramics area has an active student club call the Claybody. The club is responsible for conducting two extremely successful ceramic sales each year. 40 percent of the profits from the sales are used to send students to national ceramic conferences and workshops, bring in visiting artists to conduct workshops and present lectures, and purchase equipment.

Visiting Artists Program:

The Clay Body has funded an active visiting artist program. Nationally and internationally known artists and educators are hired to present a lecture and demonstrate techniques thus benefitting both UAA students and the local community. Recent visiting artists include:

Brad Schweiger
Paul McMullen
Martin Tagseth
Eddie Domingues
Sequoia Miller
Doug Jeck
Akio Takamori
Jeremy “Jr.” Kane
Arthur Gonzalez
Andrew Martin
Boomer Moore
Sam Chung
Julia Galloway
Marc Digeros
Mikey Walsh
Jeff Oestreich
Lorna Meaden
Steve Roberts
Sunkoo Yuh
Steve Grimmer
Beth Cavener Stichter
Christ Staley
Peter Beseaker
Bruce Cochrane
Ayumi Horie
Linda Christiansen
Curtis Stewardson
Jim Brashear
Chuck McWeeny
Deborah Schwartzkopf