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Sentinels of Steel

An Exhibition of works by Sandra Jane Heard

March 23 - April 17, 2015

Sarah Jane Heard - The Reversal of Her Alchemy

March 23rd, 2015 : Opening Reception

Kimura Gallery | 5:30-7:00pm | 2nd Floor, Fine Arts Building


Sentinels of Steel

An exhibition of works by Sandra Jane Heard

These synthesized female forms are handwoven from vintage steel tape measures. They are presented hanging in a state of antagonism bound between the opposing forces of freedom and restraint, preservation and destruction, vulnerability and invincibility. Some of the forms are intended as guardians with their armored abdomens acting as symbolic safe havens. These fortified cage-like armatures offer a protective shelter from the collective ills of humankind. Other steely forms are presented as steadfast testimonials seeking to express the struggle for gender equality and survival despite extreme adversity. Although they are battered and scarred by the upheavals of the ordeal they stand resilient and proud in their continued fight toward the goal of autonomy. In essence, this collection of abstracted female forms are symbolic foot soldiers whose purpose is to bear witness, preserve, and protect the more vulnerable and fragile elements of existence.

Sarah Jane Heard - The Child Catcher


These multi-dimensional assemblages are experimental in nature and merge traditional textile techniques with chosen objects and recycled materials to reference both the organic and man-made worlds. By wrapping these chosen objects with silk and linen thread, metaphor and symbolism are conceptually embedded into their structures. The thread can be seen as the physical manifestation of a restless train of thought, a tool to transfer the intangible workings of the mind. This object binding with thread has many symbolic meanings. On one hand, it acts as a restrictive, predatory force. It is an active expression of the ever-present opposing and dynamic forces of construction and destruction, and ultimately of life and death. Concurrently, it is an attempt to arrest time, to slow the process of losing something precious, and is driven by a desire to preserve and protect. Finally, this action of bonding with yarn is an action seeking to convey the need for connectedness and interdependency which is critical to the survival and health of our Mother Earth and all forms of life that she sustains.

Sarah Jane Heard - The Hunger of the Fertile Mother and The Silence of Her Barren Daughter


Sandra Jane Heard is an artist who emphasizes the use of the found object in her multi-dimensional sculptures. Heard merges traditional craft and textile techniques with experimentation. She uses nature's complexities and sublime beauty, combined with the want to preserve and protect its wonders', as her constant drive and inspiration. Her works are created from a diverse plethora of materials such as pliable reeds, silk yarn, vintage books, maps, and chosen objects.

Heard was born July 1966, in the town of Haverhill, Suffolk, in the United Kingdom. Her arts education began at Braintree College, where she studied for her Art Foundation. This led to her enrollment at the University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where she studied for a B.S.C in Textile design. From here, Heard relocated to the United States and studied at the California College of Art, graduating in 1994 with a B.F.A in Textiles;achieving highest honors. Heard has exhibited throughout the United States achieving awards and recognition for her body of work.

Sandra Jane Heard presently resides with her family in the small mid-west town of Perrysburg, Ohio. To view her corpus of work go to her website:


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