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April 20th - 24th - Bachelors of Fine Arts Exhibition I

 BFA Exhibition I 2015  | UAA Fine Arts | BFA Exhibition


Resident journalist Robert Foran III sat down with artist Christopher Judd in his article Family Portraits and Artistic Twists to discuss his exhibition, his growth as an artist and how UAA has helped him flourish.


April 17th - April 26th, 2015 - First Light Alaska Workshops

A new path for emerging and established artists is being formed—starting in Alaska and reaching well beyond our thin borders.

Bringing artists together in Alaska is the mission of an upcoming series of innovative artist workshops.   The classes also represent the latest efforts of the newly formed non-profit, First Light Alaska.  Supporting indigenous artists, facilitating development of skills and fostering opportunities to network in and out of Alaska is the purpose of First Light.      

Starting in Dillingham and traveling through Homer and ultimately Anchorage, Hoover has brought together artists from across the nation. These University level hands-on classes are being taught by some of the worlds leading indigenous artists. The classes are open to the public and are expected to fill up fast!  

Leading the workshops will be: Emma Hildebrand, Brad Kahlhamer, Swil Kanim, Elaine Kingeekuk, Rob Kinneen, and Holly Nordlum.

Alaskan indigenous art forms take many shapes and perspectives, but none more diverse as the hands-on artist workshops initiated by First Light’s founder, Unangax/Norwegian artist Anna Hoover.  Anna Hoover, the executive director of First Light Alaska, Inc. is an acclaimed artist in her own right, and forwards the legacy of art in her family.  She is the daughter of famed Aleut carver John Hoover. His work can be found in the Anchorage Museum the Egan Convention Center, and other landmark locations in Alaska—the Lower 48, and internationally.

First Light Alaska


Drawing / Painting (Brad Kahlhamer)

Brad Kahlhamer investigates his complex American identity through painting, sculpture, performance and music. Born in Tucson, AZ, and a resident of the world, much of his work reflects a conversation with his Lakota roots. A longtime resident of New York City, his work has been exhibited extensively and is in collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, NY, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, and the Seattle Art Museum, WA. Learn new painting techniques such as stenciling, ink on cloth, and layering. Also, bring examples/and or digital images of recent works for feedback from Brad. Create and reflect critically in a space open for discussion, while engaging with a range of technical skills offered through this class.

Gut Skin Sewing (Elaine Kingeekuk)

Elaine Kingeekuk, born and raised in Savoonga, comes from a long line of St. Lawrence Island Yup’ik artists. Her traditional training and expertise lie in the tanning and rendering of animal skins and organs; Elaine is also an incredibly skilled skin sewer. Students will learn how to render and sew seal and/or hog intestines, and complete a gut window during the workshop. Learning will include the preparation process, and good care practices for finished artifacts.

Honor, Music & How they Are Related (Swil Kanim)

Lummi Violin virtuoso, performer and motivational speaker, Swil Kanim, credits his success in life to his elementary school teachers. His gifts were recognized and celebrated at a very young age and he leads his life knowing that positive acknowledgement can change people’s lives. For this workshop, students will experience ceremony; where they offer acknowledgement to ancestors for gifts shared amongst family and community. Students are invited to bring their own musical instruments and an appetite for insight into the magical realm of rhythm. The two day-workshop allows for sharing, strength and confidence, and ways to honestly reflect upon and express thoughts and feelings.

Quillwork (Emma Hildebrand)

Emma Hildebrand, Koyukon Athabascan, was born and raised in Northway, Alaska in the Upper Tanana Valley. At age 7 she began to learn beadwork and skin sewing from her Athabascan mother; she later learned quillwork and caribou hair tufting from Dixie Alexander of Fort Yukon. In 2010, she was chosen by the Alaska State Council on the Arts as one of 21 Alaska Native artists and culture bearers designated “Alaska’s Living Cultural Treasures”. In this class, students will learn how to work with porcupine quills. These techniques can be replicated to create gifts for grandchildren, wares for local bazaars or honorable gifts for local heroes.

The Art of Local Food (Rob Kinneen)

Gourmet chef Rob Kinneen, Tlingit, is the go to person for a four-course menu at your upcoming gala fundraiser. From hosting an online TV Series, to catering rooms with 500+ guests, Rob is highly sought after by foodies & localvours across the nation. Participants of this course will become familiar with plant & animal foods available throughout the subsistence calendar year. The class will allow students to prepare traditional & contemporary recipes. With rising food costs in rural Alaska, and increases in diet related disease, we are pleased to offer this class; with instruction focused on celebrating and practicing our rich and delicious food traditions of Bristol Bay.

Graphic Design (Holly Nordlum)

Holly Nordlum is a recognized Graphic Designer who grew up in Kotzebue. She now lives in the Anchorage area with her two sons, and provides web design and branding services for many Alaskan organizations. This workshop offers students introductory level graphic design techniques, which can be applied to a broad range of media. Traditional symbolic forms and styles were created in similar ways, with simplified abstract texts, lasting thousands of years. Students will learn how to render ideas that can be translated into hand-painted signs or web based mediums.

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Feb 27th - April 19th, 2015 - A Man in the Shadows: Mariano Gonzales Solo Exhibition

Mariano Gonzales Solo Exhibition

at the Anchorage Museum

February 27th –April 19th

Mariano Gonzales, a Professor of Art at the University of Alaska Anchorage comes out of the shadows to stage his first solo exhibition at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center. Gonzales, a master of many trades, combines the techniques of digital printing, metal fabrication, and mixed media to form unique sculptures  that are brazen in their approach to color design and political commentary.


 Life Drawing Fall 2015 | UAA Fine Arts


Strike a Pose (and get paid)

The Department of Art seeks mature men and women to pose nude for UAA Department of Art studio classes. Art models should be able to pose in aesthetically pleasing and physically challenging ways. The schedule is flexible. 

Sessions are Monday through Thursday at the following times:

10:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m., 1:00 p.m.-3:45 p.m., 4:00 p.m.-6:45 p.m., and 7:00 p.m.-9:45 p.m.

Contact: 786-1575 or


NEWS - We Are Hiring!

The Department of Art is currently hiring for the following tenure-track faculty position.


Assistant Professor of Art in Sculpture

The Department of Art within the University of Alaska Anchorage is inviting applications for a full time tenure track position in Sculpture. This position is comprised of teaching undergraduate sculpture classes and three-dimensional foundations while having the opportunity to develop new courses and curriculum. A successful candidate should have the ability to teach historical and contemporary content as well as emerging processes and methodologies pertaining to sculpture. A candidate must be able to offer students a comprehensive understanding of sculpture by teaching a strong work ethic, various methods of research and fabrication, critical discourse and innovative thinking. An ideal candidate will be committed to mentoring students, collegiality, and interdisciplinary teaching.

The University of Alaska Anchorage is the state's largest post-secondary institution. Located in the heart of Alaska's largest city, the campus is nestled in the middle of a greenbelt, surrounded by lakes, ponds and wildlife, and is connected to a city-wide trail system perfect for active lifestyles.

The Department of Art, a NASAD accredited institution, is comprised of nine full time faculty and eleven adjunct faculty whose diverse artistic pursuits provide a wide range of educational opportunities for students. The Department has 200 art majors who are pursuing BA and BFA degrees in ten areas of study. Our mission is to prepare and empower students to use their creative abilities to make a difference in our community. A comprehensive multi-studio approach encourages innovative thinking, strengthens creativity and technical ability and develops a broad knowledge of historic and contemporary art and design.  

To apply please go to:

Review of complete applications will begin December 1, 2014 and continue until the position is closed.

UAA is an AA/EEO employer & educational institution. EOE/Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disabled.