Spring 2015

UAA hosts an active program for biological sciences seminars. All seminars are held in the ConocoPhillips Integrated Sciences Building on Fridays at 3:30pm in CPISB 120, unless noted otherwise. Our seminar series is free and open to the public. Parking is complimentary on UAA's campus on Fridays. Please contact Rachel Lee for additional information.The new CPISB is located north of Providence Hospital and behind the Admin Building. Please call 786-1298 for directions or insert this address (3101 Science Circle, Anchorage, AK 99508) for Map Directions. 

 Date Guest Speaker & Lecture Title
 Mar. 27 Dr. Jason Burkhead, UAA Dept. of Biological Sciences
"Copper is a precious metal: Essential and dangerous for over 2 billion years"
 Apr. 3 Dr. Jonathan Stecyk, UAA Dept. of Biological Sciences
"Slowing the beat: Alterations of the freshwater turtle cardiac pacemaker with temperature and oxygen deprivation"
 Apr. 10 Dr. Matt Carlson, UAA Dept. of Biological Sciences 
 Apr. 17 Dr. Jill Stewart, Asst. Professor, University of North Carolina,
 Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
 Apr. 24 TBA
Biological Sciences Seminar Series, Dr. Jason Burkhead