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We would like to personally invite each of you to search through our website and utilize the services at the Career Services Center - all of which are free of charge! Whether it be resume and cover letter assistance, assistance with searching for a part-time job or full-time career, preparing for and attending a career fair, or making connections with a potential employer, the Career Services Center can help!

Maybe you have some questions, such as:

In response to the 2011 Fall Career Fair Survey:

"Best one so far ... there was diversity with employers and the jobs didn't seem to all be 'entry-level.'"
-UAA Student

Picture of girl thinkingWhich major should I pursue?
What does the future look like for my career field?
I'm going to graduate soon - what's the best way to enter the work force?
How do I write a resume and practice my interviewing skills?

Career Services can help answer those questions and more! Please feel free to search through the sections titled "Our Services", "Resources & Research", and "Career Development". You will find all sorts of information pertaining to your career path. For example, Alaska Career Information Systems (AKCIS) has HUNDREDS of career opportunities and an overview of each, along with the Alaska career outlook for that specific industry. Not only that, but you will find information to help create a resume and cover letter and practice your interviewing skills in the "Handouts" section, or by making a one-on-one appointment with a career counselor in the Career Services offices. If you are interested in getting some international experience in addition to your education, please check out the "Career Development" section with information about how to obtain an international internship or how to go about teaching abroad after you graduate. No matter what you are looking for in relation to a career, you will find it on our website in these sections created specifically for Students, Alumni, and Community Members.

As always, we are happy to speak one-on-one with you! Our offices are open Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm throughout the year and we are located in the Rasmuson Hall 122 on the main UAA campus! Please drop in to say hello or to use our computers in our Career Resource Library. Assisting people in their career ventures is what we love to do and we do it well!!


Career Outlook & Statistics

 What are the top fifteen attributes employers seek on a candidate's resume according to the 2012 NACE Job Outlook Survey?

1. Ability to work in a team
2. Leadership
3. Communication Skills (written & verbal)
4. Problem-solving skill
5. Strong work ethic
6. Analytical/quantitative skills
7. Initiative
8. Technical skills
9. Detail-oriented
10. Flexibility/adaptability
11. Computer skills
12. Interpersonal skills (related well to others)
13. Organizational ability
14. Friendly/outgoing personality
15. Creativity

What do college students and new graduates look for in an employer, according to students responding to NACE's 2011 Student Survey?

1. Opportunity for personal development
2. Job security
3. Good insurance benefits
4. Friendly co-workers
5. High starting salary
6. Chance to improve the community
7. Recognition for performance
8. Location close to home
9. Opportunity for rapid advancement
10. Diversity

NACE’s 2011 Student Survey was conducted mid-February through April 30, 2011. More than 50,000 students nationwide, including nearly 20,000 graduating seniors, took part in the survey.


Special Notice:

The UAA Career Services reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment for any given reason. We try to give adequate notice, but it is not always possible due to varying situations. 

CSC requires that, for resume, cover letter, or mock interview appointments, a student's or alum's draft of their resume or cover letter, along with other requested documents, are submitted for review to the UAA Career Services Center no later than 8:00 am of the day of the appointment. If the required documents are not submitted by email prior to 8:00 am of the appointment, CSC reserves the right to reschedule the appointment.

As of January 2013, the UAA Career Services Center is unable to accommodate one-on-one resume, cover letter, mock interview or career counseling appointments with clients other than people that have ever taken a University of Alaska class. Non-UA clients are welcome to utilize our resources, including library privileges and information featured on our website. Non-UA clients are encouraged to connect with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development at www.labor.state.ak.us. Job Centers in Alaska can be found at www.jobs.state.ak.us/offices/

Anchorage Midtown Department of Labor Office
3301 Eagle Street, Suite 101, Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907)269-4800 Fax: (907)269-4825
Email: midtown.jobcenter@alaska.gov

Anchorage Muldoon Department of Labor Office
1251 Muldoon Rd, Suite 111, Anchorage, AK 99504
Phone: (907)269-0000 Fax: (907)269-2032
Email: muldoon.jobcenter@alaska.gov

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.