This is a graduate-level course taught by Dr. John Kennish.

This course is a study of the relationships between the observed levels of chemicals in the environment and their biological effects. Special attention is given to persistent toxic compounds, the dependence of their fate on their chemical and physical properties, and the environmental conditions that regulate their breakdown, movement, transport and ultimate fate.  In addition to meeting all the requirements for CHEM A460, graduate students will be required to submit an extensive research proposal addressing a current problem of significant concern to exotoxicologists.  The proposal must be presented to the entire class.

The registration restriction for this course is graduate standing.

Students who completed CHEM A460 as part of their undergraduate degree cannot receive credit towards their graduate degree from CHEM A660.

In order to access the syllabus and other materials for this course you need to have access to Blackboard.

This course does not have a lab component.