Below is a list of lectures offered by the chemistry department at UAA.  Some courses may not be offered each semester.  Information about our laboratory courses can be found elsewhere.  Click on the hyperlinks below for information about each course.

CHEM A055 - Contemporary Chemistry

CHEM A103 - Survey of Chemistry

CHEM A104 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM A105 - General Chemistry I

CHEM A106 - General Chemistry II

CHEM A253 - Principles of Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM A311 - Physical Chemistry: A Biological Orientation

CHEM A312 - Quantitative Analysis

CHEM A321 - Organic Chemistry I

CHEM A322 - Organic Chemistry II

CHEM A331 - Physical Chemistry I

CHEM A332 - Physical Chemistry II

CHEM A434 - Instrumental Analysis

CHEM A441 - Principles of Biochemistry I

CHEM A442 - Principles of Biochemistry II

CHEM A450 - Environmental Chemistry

CHEM A453 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM A456 - Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

CHEM A460 - Chemical Ecotoxicology

CHEM A471 - Immunochemistry

CHEM A492 - Undergraduate Seminar

CHEM A634 - Advanced Instrumental Analysis

CHEM A641 - Advanced Biochemistry I

CHEM A642 - Advanced Biochemistry II

CHEM A660 - Advanced Chemical Ecotoxicology

If you have any other questions regarding lectures, please feel free to contact individual faculty or the hub's administrative assistant.