Before posting flyers or advertisements please be sure to read the:
UAA Posting Policy

Free KRUA Public Service Announcement(PSA) for club events: 
PSA Form

Publicity center for clubs provides services such as print fliers, brochures, posters, and banners.  Help creating buttons, magnets or key chains.  Writing a Public Service Announcement for KRUA 88.1 FM. Creating an ad to display on the plasma screens in the Student Union and the Student Clubs & Greek Life office.  Creating an ad to run in the Northern Light newspaper.  Submit your event to the Wolfwire Online Student Calendar and Graphic Design assistance.
Publicity Center Form


Room and Facility Reservations

Submit all facility requests to SCGL to make reservations.  Please note that for different rooms/locations fees for facility rental, set-up, clean-up, and other requests may apply.

    Check for space availability:
            Checking for availability inside the Student Union:
            Checking for availability for rooms outside of the Student Union:

    For reserving space outside of the Student Union:
    Event Registration / Facilities Reservation Request Form
            Reserving Rasmuson Hall (In addition to the form above):
            RH User Guidelines and Responsibilities Form

            Reserving Arts 150 (In addition to the form above):
            please email Cedar Cussins at

    For reserving space inside of the Student Union:
            For a room: Student Union Reservation Request Form
            For a table: Student Union Table Reservation Request Form


Public Viewing of Movies on Campus

Copyright restrictions apply to public showing of movies.  Before showing videos or films on campus for events please read the Movie and Film Viewing Policy below.
Movie and Film Viewing Policy



If Guest Speakers are being paid for their services then they must complete a Short Form Contract prior to the event and turn it in to the SCGL Office.
Short Form Contract



Specific fundraising activities require additional permits and notification:

    Bake Sales
    Bake Sale Policy and Information

    In order to host a raffle, clubs must submit the required paperwork to SCGL at least 4 weeks
    in advance of the raffle.

           Read First
           SOA Game of Chance and Skill Regulation
           15 AAC 160.640 Raffle Tickets (The rules on raffle tickets, stubs and drawing)
           Games of Chance Permit Application

           Turn in before Raffle
           Raffle Checklist (The First Sheet/Page)
           Games of Chance Permit Application
           Raffle Prize Donation Form (Filled out by donors when donating prizes)
           Stub Sample (Make sure tickets are printed with required information)
           Ticket Log (Log of all tickets sold, to whom they are sold and the winners)
           Raffle Deposit Form

           Turn in after raffle
           TSDF for Prizes
           Financial Report (The Second Sheet/Page)

    Prizes for Auctions, Door Prizes etc.
    Winners of prizes must fill out a form when they claim their item.
    Prize Claim Form
    (UAA student clubs do not hold individual tax identification or tax exempt status – if a donor
     is requesting this information please contact the Student Clubs and Greek Life Office.)


Request for Serving Beer or Wine

Registered student clubs and organizations at UAA may distribute beer or wine at registered events by receiving approval from the Dean of Students. To be considered eligible for this approval, clubs/organizations must meet the following minimum criteria:

       1.    Club/organization must be registered by Club Council and in good standing with
              the University
       2.    Event must be private
       3.    Beer or wine is for distribution only
       4.    Event advertising must not list the serving of beer/wine
       5.    Club/organization advisor must be in attendance for the duration of the event
       6.    Club/organization must complete and submit the UAA Request for Serving Beer
              and Wine application at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.
       7.    Club/organization must complete the application and submit all requested materials
              as required by Club Council and the Student Clubs and Greek Life office.

NOTE: Registered clubs and organizations are required to submit the UAA Request for Serving Beer/Wine and all requested requirements to the Student Clubs and Greek Life office DIRECTLY.  (Do not submit application request to the Dean of Student office or other department).

Beer/Wine Cover
Beer/Wine Request Form


Funding Assistance

Clubs can apply for additional funding for events through the Club Council, UAA Concert Board Special Projects Fund (SPF) or the Diversity Action Council.  Each have separate requirements.

Club Council Funding Request
Club Council Funding Request Budget Worksheet
Special Projects Fund Grant Application (SPF)
Diversity Action Council Funding Request Page


Financial Management Forms

Deposit and tax forms for student clubs.
    Deposit Form
    Substitute W-9 Form
For purchase requests, login to UAA Life


Locker Rental

In order to raise money student clubs have the opportunity to lease a block of lockers from Club Council in order to sub-lease to individual students.
Club Application (used by clubs to apply for a block of lockers.)
Lease Agreement (used by clubs to confirm block of lockers)
Locker Agreement (filled out by students wanting to rent lockers)


 Dinner Service

Dinner Service (cups, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and silverware) are available for rent at the SCGL office.  The set serves 12 and is square, white with black geometric designs on them.

Dinner Service Rental Agreement Form


 Cash Boxes

SCGL has Cash Boxes to offer to clubs for bake sales and other fundraising activities.  You can stop by the SCGL office anytime to check one out.