Starting a New Student Club

The Student Club Resource Manual is currently under revision.

Ready to start your own student club?  Just follow these simple steps:

 1. Log in to the UAA Life page (with your Blackboard username and password)

  • Go to the Organizations tab at the top of the page
  • Click "Register"
  • Follow the steps as outlined in the online registration on UAA Life
  • You will need to upload your club's Constitution and Bylaws.  A sample club constitution and bylaws can be found here. 
  • You will need your Faculty or Staff Advisor to fill out a Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement form on UAA Life under "Campus Links" (this is a separate form from the online registration)
  • The President will need to complete the Statement of Compliance form, which if found on UAA Life, under "Campus Links"
  • In addition to a Faculty/Staff Advisor, you will need to fill the following officer positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Club Council Representative. Students must have a 2.25 cumulative GPA in order to be eligible to serve as a club/organization officer.
  • Click "Submit for Approval" when all information has been included.

**All Registration submissions must be reviewed and approved by the Club Council Executive Board.  You can view the status of your submissions and/or update any submissions still in "InProgress" status under My Involvement> My Submissions> Organization Registrations.**
The Club Council Executive Board will contact the club with any questions or for more information.

**For registering a new organization, a Register button will display on the left side of the "Organizations" page, under the search options.**

2. Conduct the Registration Presentation

The Club Council Registration Presentation will take place during a Club Council general meeting.  Your club will be contacted by Club Council to schedule this presentation.  New student clubs will be asked to speak for roughly five minutes to provide Club Council with information such as affiliations with national or regional organizations.  This presentation will be followed by a short question and answer period.  At the conclusion of the Registration Presentation, your club will be a registered club at UAA and part of Club Council. 

3.  Attend a Student Officer Orientation - every President and Treasurer are required to attend a student officer training session in order to have access to club funds. To find the dates of the Orientations, and to RSVP your attendance, please do so here, at UAA Life's Event webpage. In order to view the event, please log into the website. If there are none available or you cannot make it to any of the scheduled orientations, you may study the orientation presentation online under "Student Officer Orientation" section (left side bar). You can study the presentation and swing by our office to take a short quiz. Once you pass the quiz, it will count as completing your officer orientation. You can also bring in your own laptop or use a computer in our office (if available) to go through the presentation while taking the quiz. The quiz is not online, and must be taken in our office.