Student Club Resource Handbook

The Student Club Resource Handbook is under construction and will be coming soon!

Room and Facility Reservations

**All clubs and organizations must turn in room request forms into the Student Clubs & Greek Life office for approval before submitting for actual reservation.**

Registered student clubs may reserve and use many of the different facilities available at UAA.  Please note that fees for facility rental, set-up, clean-up, and other requests apply – please see the Student Club Financial Management Handbook for information on paying these invoices.


Posting Policy


Advertising for events, programs, and activities should always be in accordance with University posting policies. Certain University facilities have additional posting policies or requirements – be sure and check with departments before posting!


University posting policies apply to general information postings as well as events, programs, and activities.


UAA Posting Policy



Registered clubs are welcome to hold fundraising events and activities. Before holding a fundraiser please contact the Student Clubs and Greek Life Office – we are here to help you!

Specific fundraising activities require additional permits and notification, please read the information listed below to learn more:

Bake Sales

Bake Sale Policy and Information


In order to host a raffle, clubs must fill out the required paperwork and schedule a meeting with the Leadership Coordinator at least 4 weeks in advance of the raffle to go over the policies and procedures.


A prize claim form is needed for auctions

*UAA student clubs do not hold individual tax identification or tax exempt status – if a donor is requesting this information please contact the Student Clubs and Greek Life Office.


Public Viewing of Movies on Campus

If your club is considering showing a film or movie please review the following policy before committing to this event. Further information on media distribution can be obtained from the Leadership Coordinator for Student Clubs and Greek Life.


Request for Serving Beer or Wine


Student clubs at UAA may distribute beer or wine at registered events by receiving a permit from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. To be considered eligible for this permit clubs must meet the following minimum criteria:
  1. Your club must be registered by Council and in good standing with the University
  2. The event must be private
  3. Beer or wine is for distribution only
  4. No event advertising may list the serving of beer/wine
  5. Club/organization advisor must be in attendance for the duration of the event
  6. Club/organization must complete and submit the permit application at least 4 weeks prior to the event date

Additional criteria, policies, and instructions are listed on the official application and request.  UAA Student Club Request for Serving Beer or Wine