Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology

The UAA College of Education (COE) has an affiliated graduate program in Communications Sciences and Disorders through East Carolina University (ECU) 

COE provides preparatory course work by distance education to students who want to apply to ECU's graduate program. 
Graduates will become fully qualified speech-language pathologists.
ECU has up to 10 spots in their M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders program for UAA students who complete the required prerequisites and meet ECU admission requirements

Prerequisite Courses at UAA

  • Are available as upper level undergraduate courses.  These are courses required by ECU but also accepted by other graduate programs. (check with programs to determine their specific requirements)
  • Are offered live via interactive web conferencing (attendance is mandatory) from 4:30-7pm (except for the summer course)
    * Completion of the prerequisite courses does not guarantee admission to the graduate cohort.
  • If you are not a UAA undergraduate student, apply to UAA as a non-degree seeking student.
     * Resident/non-resident tuition rates apply
     ** Scholarships and financial aid are typically not available for non-degree seeking courses. 

Prerequisite Courses offered by distance delivery at UAA 

Academic Year 2014-15 UAA Course Offerings

Admission to the Alaska cohort of ECU's Communication Sciences & Disorders distance graduate program

  •  All application materials are due to ECU by January 15 prior to the fall semester of admission to the graduate program
  • 5 places are reserved for Alaskan candidates who meet the admission requirements.  If additional seats are available eligible Alaskan candidates my be admitted up to a limit of 10.  
  • Admission is primarily determined from GPA and GRE scores.
    * An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better overall and 3.2 for the prerequisite courses.
    ** GRE scores greater than the 30 percentile minimum (each sub-test) and preferably greater than 50th percentile individually.  Scores must be no more than 5 years old

If You Are accepted to the Alaska Cohort

  • Completion of the graduate degree takes approximately 3.5 years.  Your M.S. will be from East Carolina University (ECU).
  • You will take your academic graduate courses through ECU via distance delivery.
    * Courses are asynchronous.  Distance education students view recordings of campus classes.
    ** You will pay-out-of-state tuition for the academic courses tuition.cfm.  For scholarship and financial aid information for the ECU graduate courses please contact ECU directly.  
  • You will complete all clinical internships (12 credits total) through UAA at UAA tuition rates.  
    * Internships range from 7-12 weeks depending on the site and the needs of the student.
    ** The first clinical placement for all students is in the UAA Summer Speech-Language Clinic in Anchorage the summer following the first academic year of the graduate school.
    *** Our intent is to keep students in Alaska for all internship placements, however, due to limited sites, an out-of-state medical placement may be necessary during the 3rd year.  

For more information contact:

Ellen Brigham, Speech-Language Pathology Program Coordinator or 907-786-4468