Volunteer Position Descriptions for Commencement

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Guides – Welcome students as they arrive for registration and direct them to the auxiliary gym once inside.

Gonfalon Handlers – College Gonfalons (flags) are posted at the back of the arena prior to the ceremony. During the processional, Gonfalon Handlers will hand the flags to the Gonfalon Bearers as they enter the arena. During the ceremony, Gonfalon Bearers will lead their college or school onto the stage as they receive their diploma covers. As they exit the stage, they will hand the flag to the handler who will then post the flag at the front of the arena.

Shufflers – Shufflers assist with line up and flow of graduates in the staging area prior to the processional. Shufflers assist students with general questions (location of bookstore and late registration tables), assist with regalia, make sure students have their reader cards filled out, etc.
**Once the processional is finished at the start of the ceremony, shufflers move to fill another volunteer position (Photo Flow Assistant, Floor Monitor or Confetti Blaster).

Reader Card Handlers – Reader Card Handlers are stationed by the readers during the ceremony. Card Handlers assist with collecting cards from the students and handing cards to the readers right side up as the students enter the stage and keeping the cards in order once the names have been read.

Programs – Program ushers greet guests and hand out programs at the arena entrances

Program Runners – Runners restock the supply of programs at the arena entrances

Floor Monitors – Floor Monitors assist on the floor of the arena by guiding students and faculty to and from seating and stage and prevent family and friends from entering the arena floor.

Photo Flow Assistants – Photo Flow Assistants direct students in the photo areas behind the stage during the presentation of degrees and assist students in preparing for their formal photo (make sure their cap is on straight, their diploma cover is in the right direction, etc).

Confetti Blasters – Confetti Blasters shoot off small confetti guns during the recessional at the end of the ceremony

Reserved Seating Greeters – Greeters monitor the roped-off designated seating area and welcome and assist guests with passes to the area (i.e. the family of the student speaker and honorary degree recipients). These seats will be released to the public at 12:50 p.m.