Anchorage Campus Computer Labs

Each lab is listed below by building. You will notice icons next to the room location for each lab indicating staffing and restrictions. Please refer to the key below.
Open Lab is open for all UAA-affiliiated individuals
Restricted Lab use is restricted, please see the individual lab for details
Staffed Lab is staffed, please see the individual lab for staffing hours
Unstaffed Lab is not staffed
Administration/Humanities Building
    Lab Rm#  
    English Digital Composition Studio 103Q Restricted Staffed
    English Computer Classroom 1 144 Restricted Staffed
    English Computer Classroom 2 146 Restricted Staffed
Auto/Diesel Building - ADT
    Lab Rm#  
    GM ASEP Lab 201 Restricted Unstaffed
    HDTE/ADT Lab 204 Restricted Unstaffed
    Ford Asset Lab 206 Restricted Unstaffed
    Lab Rm#  
    Commons Open Computer Lab 105 Open Staffed
ConocoPhilips Integrated Science Building
    Lab Rm#  
    General Chemistry I Lab 312 Restricted Unstaffed
    Quantitative & Survey of Chemistry Lab 314 Restricted Unstaffed
    General Chemistry II Lab 315 Restricted Unstaffed
Consortium Library
    Lab Rm#  
    Library Open Computer Lab 210 Open Staffed
    Justice Center Lab 213G Restricted Unstaffed
    Faculty Technology Center Instructional Lab 214 Restricted Unstaffed
    Instructional Classroom South 306 Restricted Unstaffed
    Instructional Classroom North 309 Restricted Unstaffed
Edward and Cathryn Rasmuson Hall - RH
    Lab Rm#  
    AHAINA Lab 106 Open Staffed
    Native Student Services Lab 108 Open Staffed
    Career Resource Lab 122 Open Staffed
    Experimental Economics Lab 205C Restricted Staffed
    CBPP Open Study Lab 209 Restricted Staffed
    CBPP Executive Computer Classroom 210 Restricted Unstaffed
    Decision Support Laboratory 215 Restricted Staffed
    Programming Lab 216 Restricted Staffed
    Advanced Computer Lab 223 Restricted Unstaffed
    Honors Program Computer Lab 313 Restricted Unstaffed
Engineering Building
    Lab Rm#  
    Computer Systems Engineering Lab 109 Restricted Unstaffed
    School of Engineering Open Lab 120 Restricted Unstaffed
    School of Engineering Lab 1 218 Restricted Unstaffed
    School of Engineering Lab 2 228 Restricted Unstaffed
    Geospatial Image Analysis Lab 324 Restricted Unstaffed
Fine Arts Building
    Lab Rm#  
    Arts Computer Lab 331 Restricted Unstaffed
    Music Computer Lab 339 Open Unstaffed
    Music Computer Lab/Classroom 345 Open Unstaffed
Gordon Hartlieb Hall - GHH
    Lab Rm#  
    IT Training Lab 103 Restricted Unstaffed
Professional Studies Building - PSB
    Lab Rm#  
    JPC News Room 154 Restricted Unstaffed
    Journalism Lab 201A Restricted Unstaffed
    Digital Audio Lab 201B Restricted Unstaffed
Sally Monserud Hall - SMH
    Lab Rm#  
    CTC Computer Classroom 105 Restricted Unstaffed
    SMART Start Classroom 110 Open Unstaffed
    LRC Open Computer Lab 111 Open Staffed
    Center for Language Learning 112 Open Staffed
    Learning Skills Lab 119 Open Staffed
    LRC Math Lab 126 Open Staffed
Science Building
    Lab Rm#  
    Physics & Astronomy Lab 103 Restricted Unstaffed
    SCICOM 204 Restricted Unstaffed
    Liberal Studies Lab 235 Restricted Unstaffed
Social Sciences Building - SSB
    Lab Rm#  
    Math & Stats Lab 170 Restricted Staffed
    CAS Computer Classroom 254 Restricted Unstaffed
    Sociology/Political Sciences Computer Lab 369 Restricted Unstaffed
Student Union -SU
    Lab Rm#  
    Student Union Open Computer Lab 211 Open Staffed