Performance Based Budgeting (PBB)

In compliance with state accountability requirements established in the Alaska Legislature's Performance Based Budgeting (PBB) statute, the University of Alaska system has defined eight measures of performance (metrics). UAA's Office of Institutional Research (OIR) collects and maintains UAA's official database and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) publishes institutional outcomes annually in the UAA Performance Report. See the bottom of the page for links to these reports. For performance data regarding the UA system as a whole, refer to Statewide Planning and Institutional Research.

  • Student Credit Hours
  • High Demand Job Degree/Certificate Awards
  • Second Year Retention Rate
  • University-Generated Revenue
  • Research Focus Expenditures
  • Non-Credit units

The UAA Community & Technical College (CTC) PBB performance data for Student Credit Hours (SCH); Second Year Retention Rate; and High Demand Job (HDJ) awards are tracked and reported as sub-set data of the Anchorage Campus unit within UAA. Additional reports and analyses related to CTC, as a UAA college, are also available on the official UAA OIR and OIE Web sites at the following links.

Student Credit Hours (SCH)

All data contained in the SCH workbook were obtained from a Banner QAdhoc query dated December 22, 2011.

Student Retention

(Year one-to-year two, fall-to-fall)

High Demand Jobs (HDJ)

Data Sources: All PBB data on this site are produced by the UAA Office of Institutional Research (IR). Every effort has been made by UAA CTC  to present IR data accurately, understanding that occasional discrepancies across various data sets can sometimes occur, or that errors in transcription, or typos are possible. Where applicable, the following UAA OIR Disclaimer applies to data content appearing on the CTC website.  Any questions regarding CTC data in these links should be directed to Kathy Bilton, Director of Enrollment Management,

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