College assessment of 2005-09 College Core Themes and Outcomes (May 2010)

College Core Themes and Outcomes (May 2010) [PDF]

In 2009, UAA began a new cycle of institutional strategic planning and assessment as part of its commitment to serve as a pilot institution in the development of a new regional accreditation process. The new accreditation process focuses on continuous improvement toward mission fulfillment, with an emphasis on demonstrating improvement toward the accomplishment of the "core themes" of UAA's mission. The core themes establish the conceptual framework for setting strategic goals and evaluating the institution's progress toward achieving its mission. At the college level, CTC's three overarching goals have served as core themes in that they framed our objectives and guided our assessment of mission accomplishment. Now, to align with UAA's terminology, the college has adopted core themes to refer to the overarching goals defined in 2005.

This report was completed in the spring semester of 2010 and is the result of the college-wide evaluation of the activities undertaken between 2005 and 2009 that were specifically linked to the objectives identified within each core theme. Through this reflective process, the college has identified many activities and initiatives that culminated in successful results, and several that did not meet our expectations. By understanding both types of outcomes, we will strengthen both strategic and operational planning, create new opportunities, and enhance our success in achieving our mission.

This report is structured around the college's core themes as defined in 2005; the college has also identified the corresponding alignments with the 2009 UAA institutional core themes. The original 2005 objectives and outcomes are then listed for each core theme, along with the outcomes and indicators that were identified for assessing success in the original 2005 plan. The results of the assessment, based on cited data or other types of evidence from the 2005-09 time period are summarized along with analysis and recommendations from the leadership team and/or the units involved.

College leadership retreat review summary of 2005-09 College Core Themes and Outcomes (June 2010)

Retreat College Core Themes and Outcomes (June 2010) [PDF]

This table summarizes the significant Accomplishments identified in the college leadership's review of the 2005-09 College Core Themes and Outcomes report (see above) and outlines the Lessons Learned from the college's self-assessment. The Lessons Learned will help to guide the college's priorities for AY11 as the college continues to align its planning and assessment processes with those of the institution as UAA addresses the new NWCCU regional accreditation standards.