Associate of Applied Science, Apprenticeship Technology
Students interested in the Apprenticeship Technologies AAS degree are encouraged to talk with a faculty or academic advisor prior to admission. The advisor can help you determine if Apprenticeship Technologies will help you achieve your goals. After admission, students are encouraged to meet with the academic advisor for assistance in planning their course of study. This is especially important for students who are interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Some courses can be selected that will meet the requirements of both degrees. To schedule an appointment with Academic Advisor, Morgan Grey, call (907)786-4949.

Bachelor of Science, Technology
All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor each semester for the purpose of reviewing their academic progress and planning future courses. It is particularly important for students to meet with their advisor whenever academic difficulties arise.

Master of Science, Career & Technical Education
Students should contact the faculty advisor for assistance with course planning toward the Masters of Science degree.