Who We Are

SafeZone Allies have undergone a 2 1/2 hour training program to serve as resources, referrals and someone to listen regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer (GLBTQ) concerns at University of Alaska Anchorage.

You can identify who is an Ally by noticing their SafeZone Ally window cling located on their doors or office areas.

Below we list SafeZone allies and their contact information as it becomes available. We will continue to offer more trainings to campus to make sure that UAA is an inclusive and safe place for all.

Contact Information

For additional information in becoming a trained Ally, or if you have questions and/or comments email:


Current and Former UAA Students (*indicates that allies have become SafeZone Trainers, as well)

Judson Adams*
William Bean
Allyson Beischer
Visnia Bosnjak
Ana Maria Browning
Max Bullock
Hailey Carpenter
Edmar Carrillo
Danielle Carrithers
Tricia Chapman
Kaela Concepcion
Conor Cushing
Beth Doyle

Emily Duke
Sofia Fouquet*
Jeremy Gaunt  
Alexandra Gerlt
Jennifer Green
Blaine Higashi*
Tori Hovad
Heather Johnson
Michaela Jones
Taccara Jones*
Waianae Kahananui*
Grace Kramer
Lyle Moore Kroll
Melissa Latkowski
Drew Lemish*
Holly Linder
Joseph Lurtsema
Athina Maroudas
Jillian McCoy
Matt McGinnis
Megan McIlmail
Marc Milkovich
Jessica Mitchell
Younger Oliver
Laurel Olkinetzky
Lenett Ortiz
Nancy Porto
A. Quiroz
Ashley Roylance
Courtney Schuman
Stephanie Schuman
Joseph Selmont
Stone Sibbett
Katelyn Sloan
Courtney Sloan
Braden Smith
Laura Soltis
Jaime Spatrisano*
Autumn Sperry
Janelle Sta Cruz*
Danielle Steffensen
Natalie Sword
Esther Wee
Cassie West
Steve Wickenkamp
Monica Wright


Maria Bonifacio-Sample* 
Anita Bradbury*
Kerry Davis* 
Jess Dyrdahl*
Paula Fish*
Karen Haddock
Sam Holthouser*
Lacy Karpilo*
Kris Katkus*  
Meredith McIntyre*
Dana Sample*  
Mike Smith*  
David Weaver
Stephanie Whaley*

Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Teaching Assistants:
Heather Adams 
Shanna Allen 
Doug Bourne 
Emily Brackman 
Jackie Cason 
David Cushwa  
Clare Dannenberg 
Jathan Day 
Brianna Dym 
LaVon Shearer Ihrig 
Hannah Johnson 
Alyse Knorr 
Megan Kolendo 
Zeb Kraft 
Shiosha McDonald