Honors in English

The Department of English recognizes exceptional undergraduate students by awarding them Departmental Honors in English and noting the award on their permanent university transcript. Honors in English may be coordinated with the UAA Honors Program. To graduate with Departmental Honors, the student must be a declared English major, satisfy all requirements for a BA degree in English (literature, rhetoric and language, or education option), and must meet the following requirements.


  1. Meet the requirements for "Graduation with Honors" as listed in Chapter 7 of the University Catalog.
  2. Maintain a grade-point average of 3.5 in all courses in the English major.
  3. Complete 6 credits of the following 400-level topics courses with a grade of A:
    • ENGL A403: Topics in Autobiography
    • ENGL A404: Topics in Women's Literature
    • ENGL A429: Major Authors
    • ENGL A440: Topics in Twentieth-Century Comparative Literature
    • ENGL A444: Topics in Native Literatures
    • ENGL A490: Selected Topics in English
    • ENGL A491: Topics in Composition and Rhetoric
  4. Complete ENGL A499, English Honors Thesis, with grade of A in the judgement of two faculty readers. The thesis must be completed under the guidance of a member of the English faculty and should be 30-40 pages in length. Students are encouraged to enroll concurrently in ENGL A414: Research Writing.