Tuition and Fees

Resident Tuition (per credit)            
  2014/2015 2013/2014
(course numbers 0-299)
$174 $168
(course numbers 300-499)
$210 $204
(course numbers 600-699)
$403 $391
Professional Development
(course numbers 500-599)
Varies Varies
Nonresident Tuition (per credit)
(course numbers 0-299)
$618 $600
(course numbers 300-499)
$654 $636
(course numbers 600-699)
$823 $799
Professional Development
(course numbers 500-599)
Varies Varies


Nonresident students who register for no more than four credits each semester are charged resident tuition. For information about qualifying and applying for residency, visit the Alaska Residency page.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)
  2014/2015 2013/2014
(course numbers 0-299)
$261 $252
(course numbers 300-499)
$315 $306
WUE tuition rates are available to students who retain residency in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. When initially admitted in the WUE program, the student pays 150% of UAA's resident tuition, plus any fees that all students are required to pay. Students may not convert to resident tuition while attending under the WUE program.

Student Fees - Effective Fall 2013
Student registered for: 3-5 credits 6 to 12+ credits

(fees capped at 12 credits)
Student Life Fee
  $ 120 min to
$240 max
Student Government Fee
$1/credit up to $12
$ 3 min to
$ 5 max
$ 6 min to
$12 max
Student Concert Program Fee $10 $10
Student Media Fee $11 $11
Student Transportation Fee

Green Fee


$ 3



$ 3

Technology Fee  ($5/credit up to $60)

$15 min to $25 max

$30 min to $60 max


Total Mandatory Student Fees:  $55 min to $67 max* $193 min to $349 max*

In addition to tuition, any course may use materials, supplies or services that necessitate an additional fee. Fees may also be charged for administrative and/or instructional services. All resident and nonresident tuition rates and student activity fees are approved by the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska. The university reserves the right to change tuition rates or fees at any time. Fees will vary at community campuses. Fees are charges students must pay either in addition or in place of tuition.
Admission Fee (non-refundable)
Undergraduate Certificate
Associate Degree
Baccalaureate Degree
Graduate Certificate
Graduate Degree
Administrative Fee (Varies)
An administrative fee is a fee charged instead of tuition. There may be other fees assessed for the course such as lab or material fees in addition to the administrative fee.
Audit Fee (Varies)
Auditors pay the same tuition and fees as students registering for credit.
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Fee (varies)
This fee varies. It is charged per continuing education unit instead of tuition.
Continuous Registration Fee
Continuous Registration is expected of graduate students.
Course Fee (Varies)
Course fees are specific to particular courses and meet expenses beyond those normally covered by tuition. UAOnline identifies courses for which fees are charged and their purpose: lab fee. materials fee, learner services fee or special fee. Fee amounts vary.
Credit-by-Examination Fee
A non-refundable $40-per-credit fee is charged to challenge a course.
Distance Fee (Varies)
A distance fee is charged for each e-learning course. The fee amount varies.
Language Credit-by-Placement Fee
An accepted, degree seeking UAA student who has completed in residence a Department of Languages UAA catalog course with a grade of B or better is eligible to receive credit for the two immediately preceding language courses.
Late Payment Fees
A $125 fee will be assessed on al accounts that are not paid by the payment deadline. An additional $175 fee will be assessed on all accounts that are not paid prior to the published late payment assessment date. Students who pay for or drop their courses prior to the published deadline will not be required to pay these fees. Noncredit Course Fee Noncredit courses are numbered A001-A049. These courses do not meet degree requirements and may have fees other than regular tuition. Such fees are listed in the class listing as special fees.
Parking Fee (Varies)

All areas on campus except those designated as visitor parking require an appropriately displayed parking permit. Permits may be purchased online at or from the UAA Parking Office anytime throughout the semester. The UAA Parking Office is located in the basement of the UAA Bookstore on main campus. Permit fees are non-refundable. For further details, call the Parking office at (907) 786-1110 or visit
Placement Test Fee (Varies)
This fee is for testing for course placement.
Self-Support Fee (Varies)
A fee for a course that is funded entirely through the revenues collected when students sign up for that specific course. Costs vary by course and may include salaries, supplies, advertising, facilities and travel. Separate refund policies apply.
Student Life Fee (Varies)
All students enrolled in 6 or more credits and having at least one course (3 credits or more) on the Anchorage campus are assessed a per-credit mandatory student life fee per semester for access to student-related programs and facilities: athletics, sports complex, student activities, and student health and counseling services. Students enrolled in at least 1 academic credit but not meeting the enrollment requirements above, whether enrolled on or off campus, may elect to pay certain student fees for access to these services. Student life fees for students registered in fewer than 6 credits are set at a fixed rate. Contact the Issue Cage in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex for information about an athletics/sports complex fee, and contact Student Activities in the Student Union building regarding a student activity fee. Summer student life fees are published in the class listing.
Student Organization Fees (Varies)
All Students, with the exception of senior citizens, enrolled in 3 or more credits on the Anchorage campus are assessed mandatory student organization fees per semester:
USUAA Fee for Student Government
$1/credit max $12/semester
Green Fee to support sustainability practices
Concert Program Fee
Student Media Fee for Northern Light Student
Newspaper and KRUA 88.1 FM student radio station
The use of these fees is governed by the Union of Students at UAA (USUAA) Constitution. Students enrolled in at least 1 academic credit but not meeting the enrollment requirements above, whether enrolled on or off campus, may elect to pay these fees per semester in order to have access to student organization programs and services. Summer session students are not assessed the concert program fee.
Student Transportation Fee
Student registered in 3 or more credits are assessed $13 to support campus shuttle service, U-Pass People Mover Program (city-wide bus pass), bicycle racks, trail/sidewalk maintenance and Call Team walking escorts.
Note: The Aviation Technology Center, King Career Center, University Center and Wendler Middle School are considered Anchorage on-campus facilities for the purpose of the student life fee, student organization fee and student transportation fee assessments.
Technology Fee
A fee for providing: up-to-date technology, equipment, software, maintenance, training, and support for student use.
Transcript Fee (Varies/Copy)
A per-copy fee is charged for routine or rushed processing and must be paid in advance.
Three Percent Network Charge
The network charge covers rapidly rising costs, especially in the maintenance and enhancement of the university-wide infrastructure. The 3 percent network charge will be applied on a course-by-course basis to tuition, nonresident surcharges if applicable, and fees in lieu of tuition, for credit and noncredit courses. Courses with applicable fees in lieu of tuition less than the lower division credit hour tuition rate will be exempt from the charge. All calculated fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar. The minimum network charge per course will be $3.