Our Mission Statement:

New Student Orientation facilitates the integration of new students into the academic, intellectual, and social culture of the University of Alaska Anchorage Graduate School.

Why is Orientation important?

Orientation affords you the opportunity to make valuable connections with fellow graduate students, staff, and faculty while getting accurate information about life at UAA and departments that will become important to you. This will relieve common anxieties about starting your new degree program. New students who make these connections tend to be more successful in their transition to college, more likely to be satisfied with their college experience, achieve better grades and graduate.

We encourage all Graduate Students, whether new or continuing, to take advantage of this unique experience that will ensure your familiarity with all that UAA has to offer. 

When and where is the UAA New Graduate Student Orientation for 2015 - 2016? 

New this year! The Graduate School is offering 24/7 on-line orientation for new students including the presentation "New Graduate Student Orientation to UAA - Navigating the System".  See online orientation website (coming soon)

Individual Program Orientations: contact your degree program for further information.

When and where is the Graduate Welcome and Resource Fair for Fall 2015?

The Graduate Welcome and Resource Fair is hosted by the Graduate Student Association: TBA

There will be plenty of to eat and drink. Door prizes will be drawn every 15 minutes.  Most UAA faculty will be available to get acquainted with you in this informal setting.  You'll get an opportunity to make many new friends that are also attending UAA in pursuit of their graduate degrees or certificates.

The Resource Fair will be taking place: TBA.  Departments from across UAA will have tables set up to provide you with an introduction to their services.  Student Organizations will also have representatives present to explain what opportunities exist for participating at UAA.

Other programs offered through the Office of New Student Orientation



  • Q:What to Bring?
    • A:Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for walking. Questions regarding advising and financial aid. 
  • Q: Will we be registering for classes?
    • A: No, we will not be registering for classes but we will try our best to answer questions!
  • Q: How long does orientation lasts?
    • A: All orientation will be from 8-4 with the exception of Luncheons which runs from 10-3*. UA scholars also stay until 4:30 on Orientation days to meet with the UA Scholars Manager. *Times for Luncheon may change.


Resource book for the new UAA Seawolf. Want to know who your student body president is? Current job openings? Where you can get student discounts in Anchorage for food, clothes, anything? Then you'll want a copy of Paw Print - only available at Howl Days!


The first week of class can be stressful, confusing but also exciting! We'll have answer desk stations with smiling faces at strategic places on campus to answer questions such as, "Where's the bathroom?", "Where's room 105?", "Am I close to Eagle River???"


(For Unity and Service In Our Neighborhoods) Community Service event offered at the start of each semester where we partner with local agencies and bring you an opportunity to give back! Imagine - one week, lots of UAA students and many needs met. Refer to UAA FUSION website for agency information, volunteer registration, or to sign up for e-mail updates and newsletters.