This page contains links to information required for hiring and advising Graduate Students.


Grades must be submitted via UAOnline. 

Because of new compliance requirements for Federal Financial Aid, any grades of "F" or "NB" will require a date of last attendance be entered.  This date should be entered in the "Last Attend Date" column in UAOnline next to the letter grade.  You do not need to enter "Attend Hours".  The date must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY form.  If a student last attended on March 1st, you would enter 03/01/2013.  A best guess is fine, if a student has never attended you may use the first day the semester for example of Spring semester would be 01/15/2013.

Research, thesis, or project courses which may have a deferred grade, must have a DF grade assigned as a place holder.

No Basis Grade- A no basis (NB) grade may be used when the student has not attended or if there is insufficient student progress and/or attendance for evaluation to occur.  NB is a permanent grade and may not be used to substitute for the incomplete grade.  It cannot be removed later by completing outstanding work.  Faculty are requested to submit a last date of attendance in conjunction with this grade (best guess is fine).  For students who have never attended the class, please use the first day of your class.  Faculty are not required to use the no basis grade and may instead assign a failing grade.

You must submit a grade for every person on your roster.  If you do not know the student on your roster, you should assign a NB or failing grade. 

UAOnline grading will remain available as noted on the Academic Calendar.  Academic standing, degree awarding, and financial aid eligibility are calculated based on this information .  Missing grades impact a student's ability to receive aid, maintain good academic standing, as well as establish eligibility to qualify for graduation.

Faculty and Staff Resources will take you to the Office of the Registrar. 


UAA Graduate Academic Policies

This is a matrix of where certain Frequently Needed Information may be found in the UAA Catalog 2012-2013

Graduate Advising Manual (AY 2011-2012)

Staff Handbook for Assisting Graduate Students 

Handbook for UAA Staff assisting Graduate Students; revised for Academic Year 

Academic Honesty and Integrity - Faculty Resources  

Academic Probation Letter template

Graduate Forms

Graduate Academic Board All Course and Curriculum changes must go through the Graduate Academic Board (GAB) after they have been approved by the College or School Curriculum Committee.  Changes to courses and curriculum are approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Please consult the UAA Curriculum Handbook for an overview of the do's and don'ts of curriculum additions, deletions, and changes.

UAA Curriculum Handbook


Hiring Graduate Students - Graduate Assistantships

UA Board of Regents Policy on Student Employment is contained in Chapter 09.05. Employment of Students.

Graduate Assistantship Processing

Please email a scanned copy of the entire Graduate Assistant Hiring Packets (RA/TA/SA) to the Graduate School. Do NOT send them piecemeal to separate departments. They must come to the Graduate School as completed packet.The Graduate School will review and follow up within one business day and respond by email. 

Hiring Packets must contain all three of these elements to be considered complete:

1. Contract letter

  • This letter must be signed by either the Dean or Director and the student to be included in the packet  sent to the Graduate School.

2. Job Form

  • Job Form must have signature of authorized departmental signatory officials.

3. ATW/Scholarship Form

Please direct any questions to The Graduate School, at or Marilyn Bost, Administrative Assistant at or 907-786-1095. 


Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Benefit

When hiring Graduate Student employees, please budget for these mandatory insurance rates:
Fall  2014                                 $750                     
Spring 2014                              $743 
Spring and Summer 2015         $1306                     
Summer Only 2015                   $563                
Annual  2014-2015                  $2056 
Graduate Assistant Health Insurance

Graduate Student Insurance provided by UnitedHealthcare.

Health 101

This is an on-line information website provided by UnitedHealthcare that explains benefits of the insurance program offered through UAA.  Students may purchase annual insurance for a spouse for $6,976.00. Individual children are $2,987.00 with a maximum premium for all children insured of $6,876.00.