Graduate Student Forms


Academic Progress


Research Compliance and Intellectual Property Form

This Research Compliance and Intellectual Properties Form is completed along with the Graduate Studies Plan and is submitted to the Graduate School for any research, thesis, or project undertaken by the graduate student during time in their  matriculation. Anytime the research, thesis, or project changes, a new form must be submitted to the Graduate School. This form is in addition to Institutional Research Board (IRB) and Institutional Animal Use and Care (IACUC) requests to the Office of Research Compliance.


Making Changes


Approaching Graduation

Students nearing their anticipated graduation date should review the following forms. Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School for clarification.

All students will need to complete at least one of the following: Report on Thesis Defense, Report on Project Defense, or Report on Comprehensive Exam in order to graduate. 

Please note: Graduate Requirement Report for Graduates (GRR) is no longer used effective fall 2014

All students will need to apply to graduate. Find the application to graduate here: Application for Graduation. For information about graduation, see Graduation and Beyond webpage.You can also reach the page here.

Anthropology students intending to graduate also need to complete the Application for Advancement to Candidacy. Click the following link for the form: Application for Advancement to Candidacy.