Green Fee

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Next Meeting: Monday, May 4, 2015
Student Union, Student Life & Leadership conference room 218

All Are Welcome!

What is the Green Fee?

The Green Fee is the $3.00 you pay along with your student government fee at UAA. This promotes sustainability efforts in the university community by funding student initiatives defined by environmental stewardship, economic pragmatism, and social responsibility. 

What is the Green Fee Board?

The Green Fee Board, composed of UAA students and faculty, ensures a responsible disbursement of Green Fee funds through a rigorous grant application and continuous oversight of students' projects. 
Am I eligible for a Green Fee grant? 

You can get involved with the Green Fee program if: 

1. You are enrolled in at least 3 credits or a graduate program at UAA.

2. You are interested in grant writing 
- This is an invaluable skill for students in research-oriented fields.

3. You hope to plan and implement a project furthering sustainability.

If I don't have time or resources to work on a project, how can I help?

You can: 

1. Contribute to discussions on sustainability on the Green Fee Facebook page

2. Share your green ideas through this form.

3. Apply to join the Green Fee Board.