Paul Dunscomb

Associate Professor
Office: ADM 147L
Phone: (907) 786-1728
Email: afped@uaa.alaska.edu


University of Kansas, Department of History, Ph.D. August 2001 State University of New York at Albany, Department of History, M.A., May 1995 Ithaca College, School of Communications, B.S. May 1985.

Teaching Responsibilites

HIST A121, History A122, East Asian Civilization I & II
HIST A230, Modern China (retired)
HIST A231, Modern Japan (retired)
HIST A320, Rise, Fall and Reinvention of the Samurai (New Course)
HIST A321, Modern China (revised version of HIST A230)
HIST A322, Modern Japan (revised version of HIST A231)
HIST A323,”Communist” China (New Course)
INTL/HIST/PS A325 Northeast Asia in the 21st Century (revision of INTL A335, made GER Integrative Capstone course 2008)
HIST A330, Russia in East Asia (New Course)
HIST A377, Historiography (New Course)
HIST A390, Themes in World History: Urbanity! The City in History (New Course)
HIST A402, The Second World War
HIST A444, Advanced Studies in Film History, World War II in American Film (New Course)
HIST A477, Senior Seminar
Coordinator: INTL A335, The North East Asia – Pacific Region (retired) Contributor: HIST A330 Russia in East Asia
Contributor: INTL A355, The Russian Far East
Contributor: PS A490, Studies in Politics
Contributor: PS A492. Senior Seminar in Politics

Professional and Departmental Service

Department of Languages, Japanese Language search committee, 2009-2010.
College of Arts and Sciences Humanities Peer Review Committee, 2009-2010.
Chair Modern China/World Historian search 2009-2010.
Western Civilization Term search 2009.
Chair Modern China/World Historian search 2008-2009 (candidates not hired).
College of Arts and Sciences Humanities Peer Review Committee, 2008-2009.
College of Arts and Sciences Academic Dispute Resolution Committee, 2008-2009.
Director UAA Confucius Institute, July 2008 to Present.
Vice President, Alaska World Affairs Council, 2008-2009.
Assessment Coordinator, Department of History, March 2007 to present.
Advisor UAA Anime Club, 2007 to present.
Organized visit of Prof. William Tsutsui, University of Kansas, to UAA April 2-5, 2007
Program Co-Chair, Asian Studies Development Program 13th National Conference, Seattle, WA, March 9-11, 2007.
College of Arts and Sciences, International Studies Curriculum Committee, 2005-Present.
Acting Director, UAA Asian Studies Development Program Regional Center, 2005-Present. Represented UAA at directors meetings Philadelphia, PA October 2005, Nashville, TN March 2006, Charleston, SC October 2006, Seattle, WA March 2007, Chicago, IL March 2008, Tampa, FL October 2008.
Executive Board, Alaska World Affairs Council, 2006-2009, 2009-2012.
Alaska coordinator National Consortium for Teaching about Asia sponsored by the Freeman Foundation. Under the direction of the East Asia Resource Center, Jackson School, University of Washington, NCTA underwrites 30-hour seminars held in the spring to educate local K-12 teachers to promote the infusion of East Asia into the curriculum. 2004-Present.
Treasurer, Asian Studies Development Program Alumni Chapter, 2006-Present.
Organized visit of Prof. Barak Kushner, U.S. Department of State, to UAA March 31-April 5, 2006.
Department of History, Early Modern World search committee, 2005-2006 (cancelled).
Department of Languages, Japanese Language search committee, 2005-2006 (cancelled).
Department of History and Geography, Geography search committee, 2004-2005.
Program Committee: Russi@sia: Russia in Asia Faculty Development Workshop, UAA, May 23-27, 2005.
Assistant to Director UAA’s Asian Studies Regional Center (a member of the East-West Center’s Asian Studies Development Program) as of February 2003. Organized meeting of regional center directors in Anchorage October 3-4, 2003. Represent UAA at ARC national directors meetings, April 2004, Scottsdale, AZ, October 2004, and Whittier, CA April 2005.
Appointed by Provost as member of International Studies Steering Committee, November 2002. Numerous sub-committees.
Appointed by Provost to serve on Department of History and Geography program review committee, December 2002.
Re-appointed by Provost to serve on Department of History and Geography program review committee, December 2003.
Appointed by Chair to serve on Academic Unit Profile Committee, December 2003.
Appointed by Provost to serve on International Studies program review committee, February 2004.
Organized visit of Prof. Barak Kushner, Davidson College, to UAA April 1-4, 2004
Organized visit of Prof. William Tsutsui, University of Kansas to UAA April 8-11, 2003.
Organized visit of Prof. William Tsutsui, University of Kansas to UAA April 17-20, 2002.
UAA Faculty Senate, 2002-2004.
Member of Professional Development Sub-Committee for Faculty Senate, 2002-2003



1. Books

“A Great Disobedience Against the People:” Japan’s Siberian Intervention, 1918-1922,” Lexington Books, 2011. Click here for links to book reviews in Japan Forum, the Journal of Japanese Studies, and the Journal of Asian Studies.

2. Articles and Essays

Guest Editor, East-West Connections, Winter 2010 issue.
“Tales of the Floating ‘Hood and Monstrous Cute: Creating a Usable Pop Culture Past in Japan.” East West Connections (Winter 2010), in preparation.
“Anime and Manga 101; a Primer for the Confused and the Curious,” Asian Educational Media Service News and Reviews, Winter 2009.
“Bringing Japanese Pop Culture Travelers into Your Classroom: Perils, Pitfalls, and Payoffs,” Education About Asia, vol. 11, no. 3 (Winter 2006), pp. 49-52.
“Dogs, Demons, and Dai-Guard: Preserving the Peace of Tokyo in 2030,” East West Connections (Summer 2006), pp. 15-25.
“’A Great Disobedience Against the People:’ Popular Press Criticism of Japan’s Siberian Intervention, 1918-1922,” The Journal of Japanese Studies, vol. 32 (Winter 2006), no. 1, pp. 53-81.
Conference Report, “In Godzilla’s Footsteps: Japanese Pop Culture Icons on the Global Stage,” Asian Studies Newsletter, vol. 49 (Winter 2004) no. 4, pp. 12-13. 
Commentary, “’The Last Samurai’ distorts Japan’s transition to modernity,” Anchorage Daily News, December 12, 2003.
“U.S. Intervention in Siberia as Military Operations Other Than War,” Military Review, vol. LXXXII (November-December, 2003), no.6, pp. 98-102.

2. Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

Peter C. Mancall, Ed., Encyclopedia of American history, volume 1, Three Worlds Meet: beginnings to 1607 (New York: Facts on File, c2003). Entries on brigantines, caravels, Cathay, the Company of Cathay, John Cabot, Sebastian Cabot, Marco Polo and Matteo Ricci.

3. Book/Video Reviews

The Roots of Japanese Anime; Until the end of WWII, DVD, Education About Asia, vol.14, no.2 (Winter 2009), pp.70-71.
“Paranoia Agent” Anime series directed by Satoshi Kon, Education About Asia, vol. 12, no. 1 (Spring 2007), p. 66.
Walter Grunden, Secret Weapons and World War II: Japan in the Shadow of Big Science, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Spring 2007, pp. 673-4.
“Spirits of the State: Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine” DVD, Asian Educational Media Service News and Reviews, vol. 9, no. 1 (spring 2006) p. 6.
L. Menton, N. Lush, E. Tamura, C. Gusukuma, The Rise of Modern Japan, Mikiso Hane, Modern Japan: A Historical Survey, 3rd ed., Andrew Gordon, Modern History of Japan, H-NET BOOK REVIEW, H-Japan Book Review Dunscomb On Modern Japanese History, appeared June 4, 2003.


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“Oh, Meaningless Intervention!” Public Debate on Japan’s Siberian Intervention, 1918-1922,” Asian Studies Development Program 11th annual meeting April 2005.        
Discussion of professional development opportunities: NCTA. Matanuska/Susitna School District In-Service Days, February 28, 2005.
“The Crisis in Professional Baseball and the Future of Japan,” Japan American Society of Alaska/World Trade Center Alaska, November 9, 2004.
“Dogs, Demons and Daiguard: preserving the peace of Tokyo in 2030,” Asian Studies Development Program 10th annual meeting April 2004. 
“Remarks on Yukio Mishima,” March 13, 2004, Consulate General of Japan, Yukio Mishima Film Screening.
“Crisis in North Korea: Where do we go from here?” Alaskans for Peace & Justice, Panel Discussion: September 11 Two Years Later: Is Peace Possible, September 11, 2003.
“Japan’s Role in the Creation of Global Culture,” UAA 3rd Annual Forum on Globalization: what does it mean to you, Wednesday, April 23, 2003.
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