Department of History Fall Tuition Waivers

Marcus Aurelius DenariusThe History Department is excited for the new semester and pleased to announce that its application process for fall tuition waivers from the College of Arts and Sciences is now open. In order to apply, students must be declared History Majors and must have taken at least 12 credit hours in History with a minimum of 3 credit hours at the upper level (300 or 400 level courses). The application and accompanying essay are due to the Department Chair, Professor Paul Dunscomb by 4pm on Monday, August 25th. You may submit your application package electronically to him at or in print copy to his office in the History Department (ADMIN 147L). See the Student News Page for more information and the application.


Academic Honesty and Integrity

UAA Department of History
Plagiarism Statement and Guidelines

The historical discipline demands honesty of its practitioners. The members of the UAA Department of History are committed to be accountable, honest practitioners of their craft and demand the same of their students. The Department of History is guided by the American Historical Association's Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct ( and the statements concerning plagiarism provided by the Consortium Library (see section on Academic Honesty and Integrity under Information for Majors on Department of History website). The Department adheres to UAA policies and regulations concerning the Academic Integrity of students ( The Department of History supports its faculty in insuring that students are not committing acts of plagiarism or other acts of intellectual dishonesty. If a student has committed an act of intellectual dishonesty, the Department of History supports the faculty of record in his or her efforts to hold the student accountable.

UAA Consortium Library Academic Honesty and Integrity Website


"One Year Maximum Rule" for finishing up Incompletes

If you have any outstanding incompletes from last Spring semester, it will be necessary for you to finish them up during this semester.  They will no longer be accepted by the Registar or the Dean's office if they are over a year old.



Phi Alpha Theta - National History Honor Society

 Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society

History enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to join Phi Alpha Theta, History Honors Society. To join Phi Alpha Theta, please submit the application form: Phi Alpha Theta Membership Application. For more information, contact Professor Ray Ball via email at or by phone at (907) 786-4978.