Avoiding Plagiarism

UAA Department of History Plagiarism Statement and Guidelines

The historical discipline demands honesty of its practitioners. The members of the UAA Department of History are committed to be accountable, honest practitioners of their craft and demand the same of their students. The Department of History is guided by the American Historical Association's Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct (www.historians.org/PUBS/Free/ProfessionalStandards.cfm) and the statements concerning plagiarism provided by the Consortium Library (see section on Academic Honesty and Integrity under Information for Majors on Department of History website). The Department adheres to UAA policies and regulations concerning the Academic Integrity of students (www.uaa.alaska.edu/deanofstudents/StudentJudicialServices/academicintegrity.cfm). The Department of History supports its faculty in insuring that students are not committing acts of plagiarism or other acts of intellectual dishonesty. If a student has committed an act of intellectual dishonesty, the Department of History supports its faculty of record in their efforts to hold the student accountable.


Resources for Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism

UAA Consortium Library Academic Honesty and Integrity Website

Plagiarism in Colleges in USA (Massachusetts attorney Ronald B. Standler's excellent study of the legal ramifications of plagiarism)

"In every plagiarism case that I have found involving a student or professor, the court upheld the punishment imposed by the college. Further, the court often make gratuitous, pejorative comments about the bad character of the plagiarist, which show that it is unwise for a plagiarist to complain about how he/she was treated."
(Ronald B. Standler, "Plagiarism in Colleges in USA," http://www.rbs2.com/plag.htm [accessed 19 March 2010].)