2005 Honors GraduatesUniversity Honors students have the power to shape their experience at UAA.  Honors students often study, socialize, and sometimes live together.  In these ways, they have many opportunities to learn from each other and the experiences they share.

Just because you’ve graduated and left UAA does not mean that you must leave behind the friendships you made.  Stay connected with the students you studied, socialized, and shared memorable experiences with.

The goal of the Honors College Alumni Chapter is to help foster continued growth in the University Honors College and assist students following in the footsteps of those who graduated before them.

Activities include events such as hosting lunch for incoming University Honors freshmen, assisting with the Undergraduate Research Fair and establishing a mentoring program to pair University Honors alumni with Honors undergraduates.

Members are those who have graduated from the University Honors College. Honorary members are those who did not graduate from the College, but took part in the Honors College for three years.