The office of University Housing and the University of Alaska Anchorage offers an Academic Year agreement (fall semester, winter break, and spring semester) and a Summer Sessions agreement. Students can apply for housing anytime during the academic year (August through May) and rates will be prorated depending on the actual move-in date. 

Housing fees are charged per semester for Academic Year agreements. Please notify the Housing Office if you will only be at UAA for one semester. Students who are graduating after the fall semester or who are participating in a semester-only national or international exchange program may have mid-year cancellation fees waived at the discretion of the Director of Housing, Dining and Conference Services. All other mid-year cancellations are subject to penalties according to Section Two - Agreement Cancellations and Release Schedule.

To cancel this Agreement, you must inform the University Housing office by signed mail, e-mail, or fax. Cancellations are subject to charges as shown in Section Two - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule.


UAA Housing & Dining* Agreement:

Section Two - Agreement Cancellation and Release Schedule

Section Three - Eligibility

Section Four - Occupancy

Section Five - Financial Information

Section Six - Termination of Occupancy

Section Seven - Facilities Usage and Maintenance

Section Eight - Entry and Inspection

Section Nine - Student Health and Dining

Section Ten - Guests

Section Eleven - Waiver and Severability

Section Twelve - Indemnity/Liability

*Cancellation of housing will also result in the termination of your dining plan. If you wish to retain your dining plan, you must specify this in writing at the time of housing cancellation. For information and details regarding dining plan cancellation time frame and fees, please refer to the UAA Dining Services Agreement.