Minor, Coaching

Students who wish to minor in Coaching must complete the following requirements.  A total of 22 credits, including 10 upper division credits, is required for the minor.  Prerequisites for these courses must also be satisfied.  Requires a grade of C or better in PEP A130 and sport specific coaching course.

Complete the following core courses (20 credits):
PEP A130 Introduction to Coaching - 3 cr
               Opportunity to take the high school certification test in PEP A130   
PEP A230 Sports Ethics - 1 cr
PEP A231 Drugs and Sport - 1 cr
PEP A251 Prevention & Care of Activity-Related Injuries -3 cr
PEP A281 Leadership in Activities for Diverse Populations -2 cr
PEP A383 Movement Theory and Motor Development - 3 cr
PEP A384 Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Health and Physical Activity - 3 cr 
PEP A385 Physiology of Exercise - 4 cr

Choose 1 of the following (2 credits): 
PEP A233 Coaching Track and Field and Running - 2 cr
PEP A234 Coaching Wrestling - 2 cr
PEP A235 Coaching Swimming and Diving - 2 cr
PEP A236 Coaching Skiing - 2 cr
PEP A237 Coaching Figure Skating - 2 cr
PEP A238 Coaching Gymnastics - 2 cr
PEP A239 Coaching Baseball/Softball - 2 cr
PEP A240 Coaching Football - 2 cr
PEP A241 Coaching Basketball - 2 cr
PEP A242 Coaching Soccer - 2 cr
PEP A243 Coaching Hockey - 2 cr
PEP A244 Coaching Volleyball - 2 cr

Declaration of Minor Form (online)


Coaching Certification and Professional Development Credit