Tuition and fees are calculated based on the number of course credits taken by a student and the academic level of the course.  

Most International Students will be required to pay Non-resident Tuition:

(per Credit Hour)
A 3 Credit Hour
Course Cost*
Semester Cost
Lower Division
(courses # 0-299)
(12-18 Cr./Sem.)
Upper Division
(courses # 300-499)
(12-18 Cr./Sem.)
Graduate Level
(courses # 600-699)
(9 credits/semester)

Student Fees for Full-Time Students

Undergraduate Fees per semester: $343

Graduate Fees per semester: $226

Other Estimated Expenses per Year

Incidental Expenses

These fees are estimates of the real cost of attending. Some courses require additional or special fees.

The toal estimated cost for one-year's study at UAA:

Undergraduate: $28,679 USD

Graduate: $29,951 USD

Students requiring an I-20 must show a minimum of $30,000 USD in financial proof.

*Non-degree seeking students taking 3 credits or less are charged resident tuition.