Publishing Tools

The LRC's open access publishing tools are free to all UAA students and faculty and provides a great place to copy, print, bind, protect, and perfect any project you may need to tackle. 

Copyright Law

Before using a copier, be certain that you know what is allowable through copyright laws. Not sure if what you wish to copy constitutes fair use or violates copyright laws? Read more about fair use here and then use this checklist to determine fair use.

*Supplies mentioned or suggested with this tool can be purchased at the front desk if needed. View a list of available supplies and their prices. 

Open Use Copy Machine*

The black and white open use copier will run auto size, custom resize, and double-sided copies with both auto feed and flatbed scanning capabilities. The copier accepts Wolfbucks (money added to your WolfCard), coins, and dollar bills at 15 cents per page. The copier is equipped to make copies onto 8.5” x 11” paper only. Please ask the Information Clerk if you require legal size (8.5” x 14”) copies at a cost of 25 cents per page (cash only). Transparencies and other lightweight papers can be printed with aid of the Information Clerk. Please do not add your own paper to any machine.

Please note that UAA students' $12 printing credit is for printing in computer labs and will not work on any copy machine. Color copies can be made by the Information Clerk for 50 cents per page if needed.

LRC Staff Copy Machine with USB Scanning*

The LRC staff copier is only available for student use upon request at the front desk. An Information Clerk will perform any approved copies or scans and the student will be responsible for the cost of the copies. Approval is determined by copyright laws, student's reason/need, availability of the clerk or other LRC staff member, and the time it will take to process the job in question.

Comb Binder*

Great for quick, bound, professional looking reports, our Comb Binder punches and binds in two simple steps. Information Clerks have been trained to use this tool with accuracy, so please don't hesitate to ask them for help in set up and binding.


Set up to handle sizes from half a sheet of paper to 24"x36", the laminator heats up quickly, and can be used to preserve and protect frequently used images or documents. Lamination is ideal for:

  • Providing a finished and professional look
  • Allowing quick notes in dry erase marker
  • Help prevent rips and tears
  • Waterproofing

Paper Cutters

The guillotine-style paper cutter can handle multiple pages (1-10) at once for quick cutting work, however, accuracy and clean cuts diminishes with the number of pages cut at once. The slide style trimmer creates accurate, clean cuts by the page (1-3) and is ideal for professional covers, photos, and other images.

Electric Hole Punch & Electric Stapler

The electric hole punch drills up to 50 letter-sized pages at a time and is spaced for an average 3 ring binder. The electric stapler easily secures up to 50 pages with long toothed staples.

Work Space

Multilevel tables and counter space available in and around the Publishing Center provide room to spread out, organize, and construct. Stapler, tape and scissors are located on the Publishing Center's main table. Please be considerate in using the Publishing Center's space. Room should always remain for more than one user at a time.

Fax Machine

Faxes can be sent from the LRC for $1.00 per page. However, our machine will not print a confirmation, and occasionally does not digitally confirm a sent fax. We encourage anyone who wishes to send a fax through the LRC to contact their recipient and verify the arrival of their document.

We are happy to re-send a document at no additional charge if it fails to go through.

Rainbow Reader Text Enlargement Machine & Typewriter

Use of these tools is available to anyone upon request.