UArctic n2n Student Exchange Programs

The north2north student exchange program provides opportunities for students to experience different northern regions firsthand.

A list of University of the Arctic institutions that participate in the north2north student mobility program is posted on the UArctic website at:

It is very important that you carefully research your choices and work closely with your academic advisor/graduate program committee to select a university that it is a good match for your academic and personal goals, UAA degree plan, and language ability. Participating universities vary greatly in terms of course offerings and the availability of courses taught in English. You will also want to make sure that you will have adequate funding to meet the costs of your school-related, living, travel, insurance, medical, personal, and miscellaneous expenses.

Upon receiving your application, UAA's Office of International and Intercultural Affairs will contact your university of choice to verify that they are able to accept a student and confirm their application criteria, procedures, and deadlines.

UAA's selection committee will review the applications and interview the candidates. Students who are chosen by UAA must then be accepted by the host institution. Nominees must meet the host institution's deadlines and criteria. The decision to accept the nominee lies with the host institution. 


  • Be 18-years old or older and a degree-seeking student at UAA or one of UAA's community campuses.
  • Be at a sophomore level or above with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and have studied for at least one year as a full-time  university student. (Students with a 2.75 or higher may be considered with submission of a statement concerning their academic performance.
  • Have a clear disciplinary record.
  • Have completed the 200-level English composition requirement with a grade of B or higher.

Tips for Your Program Search/Application

The n2n exchange opportunity is competitive.  Your application should reflect the n2n principals and goals and how they relate to your plans. 

Your Academic Advisor and the Education Abroad Coordinator in the Office of International &Intercultural Affairs (OIIA) will be very important to you during the application process. Be sure to keep in close communication with them. 

You can find a list of the participating n2n institutions, sorted by country, by going to and following the links for the north2north Mobility Program.  In addition to looking at the countries that interest you the most, you may find it helpful to also do a subject search in the UArctic catalog.  Use this tool to identify potential programs of interest and then compare that information against the list of participating n2n universities.  Be aware that not all UArctic universities participate in the n2n exchange program. The UArctic catalog is found at  Under "advanced search", you can search by field of study.


N2N Exchange Program -- Guidance for Students in Certain Majors  

To assist students, a number of UAA faculty engaged in activities related to the arctic or northern regions suggested this short list of universities (click hyperlink) as a starting place for students in the fields noted.


n2n Student Exchange Programs -- UAA Application

UAA DEADLINE FOR SPRING 2015:      October 8, 2014

Interviews will be held on Friday, October 10, 2014.  Students selected for nomination will need to immediately prepare their application for the host institution and submit it by the host university's deadline.  Many of the participating n2n universities have October 15 deadlines.