Gunner Deery III

Adjunct Instructor
Logic, History of Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy (Buddhism)

Phone: 907.786.4455

Gunnar Deery III shrunk for web postingI received my BA in philosophy at Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, MI) and my MA in philosophy from Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO).  In both cases, my emphasis of study was Eastern Philosophy, particularly Buddhism.  In my graduate studies, I spent much of my time on Political Philosophy as well as Linguistics and Ethics.  I am still interested in all of these topics and continue my own research on them.  I have been a substitute teacher in the Anchorage School District for over seven years and I have taught snowboarding for over a decade.  I have been a guide for various outdoor activities in Valdez, Girdwood, and Anchorage.  I am inspired by the natural history and ecology of this state as well as its exceptional opportunities for mountain biking and world class snowboarding.