John Mouracade

Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Rochester
Ancient Philosophy and Metaphysics, Logic, History of Philosphy

ADM - 259
Phone: 907.786.4437

John MouracadeI completed my B.A. in Philosophy at Seattle Pacific University in 1995 before heading to the University of Rochester for my M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2000). In graduate school, my main areas of study were Ancient Greek Philosophy and Metaphysics, though I ended up writing a dissertation on Plato’s moral psychology. Since grad school, I taught for one year at Calvin College ( Grand Rapids, MI) before moving to Oklahoma where I taught for four years at Oklahoma Baptist University. I am now happily situated in Anchorage.

My research interests remain focused on the topics I pursued in graduate school. Several of the papers I have written since then have been connected to my dissertation topic. In the summer of 2004, I attended an NEH summer seminar on Soul and Substance in Aristotle. This has led to some new research interests where I seek to incorporate the Aristotelian hylomorphic framework into the contemporary metaphysical debate about the nature of human persons.

When not philosophizing, I enjoy reading literature, hiking, running, and x-country skiing.

Recent Publications:

Logic and Problems. Forthcoming by Kendall Hunt Publishers.

"Review of Wolsdorf, D. Pleasure in Ancient Greek Philosophy" forthcoming in Classical Review.

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Recent Presentations:

"Schizophrenia in Plato's Laws" International Plato Society, October 2012.

"Moral Psychology in Plato's Laws" Ancient Philosophy Workshop, May 2012.

Commented on Dan Werner "Socrates' Prayer to Pan in the Phaedrus, Central APA, Feb. 2011.

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