Lecture Series

The Department of Political Science is proud to host two lectures series that operate parallel to each other and are open to the public.  The first is the William H. Seward Lecture Series, and focuses on the political issues and policies.  It is named after William H. Seward, the Secretary of State under U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, and the man who coordinated the purchase of the territory of Alaska.  The second series is the Chartwell Lecture Series and is focuses either on Winston Churchill (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) or major Alaskan landmark days (for example: Constitution Day).  The name Chartwell refers to Churhill's home in Westerham, Kent, England.  

Below are listed the lecture series and the current schedule.  Highlighted lecturers names will take you to a webpage about the lecturer, and highlighted lecture titles will take you to podcasts of the event.

If you would like to keep updated about upcoming lectures, please email us to be put on a listserve.  Emails and information on the listserve are private and not for use outside of lectures in the UAA Political Science Department.

Some dates and events are subject to change.


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Chartwell Lecture Series

  • Judge Ralph Beistline "The Constitution, Jury Trials, and My Reflections from the Bench" (September 16th, 2013)
  • Paul Courtenay, "Winston Churchill the Artist" (December 3rd, 2013)