Please check back here in Spring 2015 for updates on The Cabin Fever Debates, including topics debated, advancing teams, and debate pairings.



Rd 13-Feb-157:00Twelve-gauge (1O)The Plaths (1P) Aaaaaah (2P)Reckless (2O)
Rd 23-Feb-158:15Code Name: Metal Gear (1P)Candid Talk (2P)Phi Kappa Theta (2O)Bromine before Holmium (1O)
Rd 310-Feb-157:00The Blues BrothersExecutive TEKE SquadCollateral DamageNo Chance
Rd 410-Feb-158:15#TeamJacobNobodyFlying Fists of Tiger PainPotterheads
Rd 517-Feb-157:00Word WranglersDrew CrewOhm my godCaffeine Overdose
Rd 617-Feb-158:15PrestigeWait i thought this was a roller derbyteam kronkStone Cold Said So!
Rd 724-Feb-157:00Rogue SquadronchumbawambaCrimea RiverSocietal Problems
Rd 824-Feb-158:15Team BossTeam Discovery ChannelTKE Die-NastyLogos

All rounds will take place in Library Room 307 
Round 1 - February 3rd @ 7 PM
This house supports the decision to make the University of Alaska Anchorage a smoke-free campus.

Round 2 - February 3rd @ 8:15 PM
Assuming the need to generate new revenue, the State of Alaska should prefer a personal income tax to tapping the Permanent Fund.