Registration is open to teams comprised of at least two undergraduate students currently enrolled at an accredited university in the state of Alaska.  Teams may be of any size, but only 5 team members may speak during a round.

Registration is free for all qualified participants.

Registration is now closed.

2013 Teams:

Sponsored by Thai Garden: Matt Stinson, Johanna Richter, Matt Fox, Matthieu Ostrander, Bexley Brown

88th Street Liquor Boutique No Open: Parker Dahl, Wiley Cason

We Kant Lose: Vaughn Kichura, Bruce Abbott, Kyle

The Silly Sillogisms: Liam Mitchell, Micah Templin, Chad Mobley, Michaela Stith

Freedom Thunder: Sarah Elton, Nate Graham, Corey Hester

Team 1: Robin Neisig, Steve Whittle

Those Guys: Tayler Duclos, Maggie Schaffer, Kevin Shepeski, Brandon Enos, Fischer Gangemi

The Wildabears: Garth Schulz, Jacob Moniz, Lareun Himmelreich, Megan DeBenedetto, Jocelyn Cramer

Knights of Standards and Practices: Chris Caswell, Stacey Lucason, Caitlin Alonzo, Kay Church