Currently Offered Contraception Brands and Prices

For contraceptive prescriptions, a current Annual Exam must be on file with the SHCC. If you need to schedule an exam, please call 907-786-4040. 

Your oral contraceptive refill can be ready for pick up by completing the Online Contraceptive Refills form, please allow 72 hours for processing of your refill request.  If you need your refill sooner than this, please call 786-4040 to talk to a medical provider.

Emergency Contraception: SHCC offers Plan B for $15.00.Please call 907-786-4040 for more information and appointments, or go to Not 2 Late.


Prices listed are for each pack, prices are updated regularly and are subject to change based upon current wholesale pricing.

Oral Contraceptives

Apri - $8.50

Aubra (Generic for Alesse) - $8.50

Aviane (Generic for Alesse) - $ 14.00

Camila - $12.50

Chateal (Generic for Portia) - $8.00

Cryselle (Generic for Lo/Ovral)- $12.75

Enpresse (Generic for Triphasil) - $12.75

Gianvi (Generic for Yaz) - $60.00

Junel/Junel Fe (Generic for Loestrin 1.5/30) - $12.75

Kariva (Generic for Mircette) - $19.00

Lyza (Generic for Camila) - $9.50

Nortrel 7/7/7 (Generic for Ortho-Novum 7/7/7) - $12.75

Nortrel  1/35 (Generic for Ortho-Novum 1/25) - $12.75

Ocella (Generic for Yasmin) $57.50

Ortho Tri Cyclen - $11.00

Portia (Generic for Nordette) - $14.00

Sprintec - $10.00

Trivora - $20.75


Other available contraceptive methods

Depo Provera- $55.75 every 3 months Depo Calendar

Mirena with insertion - $330.00

Nuva Ring$108.50 every month

Paragard with insertion - $735.00

Nexplanon with insertion - $841.00

If you would like additional information regarding contraception selection, please contact the SHCC, or visit the following link provided by Association of Reproductive Health  Professionals.