Office Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) Office of Sustainability is to support and coordinate establishment of UAA, as a leader in the study of sustainability and dissemination of sustainability concepts. Sustainability, by definition, increases the resilience of human and ecological systems and reduces vulnerability to shock by reducing consumption of non-renewable resources, including habitat, thereby increasing available eco-system services as well as the stock of resources available in the future. Think of it as a savings account of resources. It is well-established that the primary driver of eco-system change is human activities. It follows that changing human behavior is necessary to increase resilience of human and ecological systems.


Through teaching, research, service and administration, the Office engages the University and communities across Alaska in long-range planning to sustain our social-ecological and economic systems, promote and reward local sustainability initiatives, support sustainable business practices, and encourage thinking about sustainability on the scale of systems. The goals of the Office are to improve understanding of sustainability at UAA and throughout Alaska, facilitate multi-disciplinary explorations of sustainability, enhance classroom learning through community engagement, create and promote opportunities for student involvement in sustainability research, business development and activities; encourage broad perspectives about sustainability with special attention to those of cultural and ecological importance to Alaska; build collaborative relationships with community partners and with other communities; initiate symposia and colloquia on important issues; and develop and implement programs that advance sustainable practices.