The Role of Higher Education in Ensuring Sustainable Communities

Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that the world is rapidly exhausting key resources and putting future generations at risk of living in a significantly diminished world. UAA is committed to ensuring that our graduates are citizens who can capably and quickly work to ensure the long-term health and vitality of our cultural, economic, environmental and social systems in our city, state, nation, and the world.



Click on the photos to the right of the text to download a detailed description of what departments at UAA are doing to promote sustainability.


Discover how UAA is making important changes to indoor and outdoor lighting systems and how they are conducting tests on new LED and induction lighting technologies.
Lakeside Light

Green Landscaping

Learn about the UAA Landscaping team's efforts to preserve local habitats, reduce waste and enhance natural environments.



Discover how UAA is saving over 90 million watts of energy each year by installing vending misers on campus vending machines.
Vending Machines


Discover ways to cut down on UAA's commuting related carbon footprint and save yourself some money by following the tips in this Alternative Transportation User's Guide.

Green Buildings Integrated Science Building

Find out how a forward thinking energy policy, a commitment to protecting the natural environment and the use of environmentally friendly materials is making the new Integrated Science Building UAA's greenest building yet.

Health Science Building

UAA continues with its innovative building practices to construct new buildings to have less on an impact on the environment.  Click on the picture to find out more information about UAA Health Sciences Building.

Green Buildings

 Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 3



Uncover how UAA Parking Services and Facilities are utilizing environmentally friendly practices while maintaining parking lots and keeping UAA's fleet up and running. Click here to learn more about UAA's Parking Services
Parking Garage

Sustainability in the Classroom

Find out what faculty and staff are doing to integrate sustainability into the curriculum across campus.

Green Cleaning

Find out what UAA's custodial services is doing to integrate sustainability into keeping our campus clean!


UAA Bookstore

Find out about all of the new efforts made by the bookstore to create a green campus at UAA.  The bookstore is attempting to provide items for purchase that are from recycled materials and the Fair Labor Association. Click on the image of the bookstore to find out more information!


Dining Services

Dining Services has been implementing a number of sustainable practices into their daily schedule.  All of these efforts made by dining services affects every student on campus.  Click on the link to view the new and exciting efforts made by dining services.
Sustainability in the Classroom