Welcome to the UAA Department of Theatre & Dance website. Whether you are a patron, alum, a returning student, or a new student, we hope you will find the website informative and user-friendly. In particular we know entering a new university and program may seem daunting and a bit overwhelming. To help new students overcome that initial fear we have included links to the Theatre & Dance program's Student Handbook where you will find suggestions for a four year course outline, tips on auditions, how you can apply for work-study, and a lot of other essential information that will prove useful. On this site you can find pages dedicated to class schedules, academic programs, as well as an area for students which includes scholarship opportunities, club information and more. Our productions page includes past productions with pictures, as well as information on current and future productions, and where to get tickets. There are short biographies for the current faculty, a top notch team of professional artists who are dedicated to giving you the individual attention that has made this program so successful over the years.

Should you still have questions that you have not found answers to while going through the Theatre & Dance website, or the UAA website, do not hesitate to contact one of the faculty in your area of interest, whether it be performance or technical, theatre or dance. Contact information for faculty is included on the website and I can assure you that the Theatre & Dance faculty stand ready to help. Also, do not overlook the possibility of making an appointment with Rhiannon Elliott, our Performing & Fine Arts Advisor. She is fun, astute, and everyone who has worked with her has found her extremely helpful in navigating UAA's Fine Arts programs.

One last thing: Below is a chart that was put together for a special exercise that all UAA programs participated in this past year called Program Prioritization. While it is only a sampling of our students' success as they have moved beyond UAA, it proves that if you set your sights on particular goals, we can help you achieve them. Take a look:

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Theatre & Dance

Grads & Students

Where They've Gone What They've Done


1 Grad Program/Oxford University/Celtic Studies; 4 MFA's/Florida State U.; 2 MFA's/ DePaul; 1 MFA/Southern Methodist; 1 MFA/ North Carolina; 1 MFA Michigan State; 1 MFA Yale; 1 Certificate/ American Academy of Dramatic Art; 1 Certificate/ Second City Chicago; 1 MA/Oklahoma State


2 MFA's/U of Illinois; 1 Stage Manager/Nantucket Theatre Workshop; 1 Production Assistant/UAA Fine Arts; 1 Board Op/KTUU TV; 1 Makeup Artist/Successful LA based film makeup artist; 2 Hollywood based stuntmen; 2 UAA Fine Arts Building managers

UAA Actors Film Credits

Titles: Boardwalk Empire; Unbreakable; Air Force One; Big Miracle; The Frozen Ground; Otis; ESPN Commercial

1 Film Development Director

Hundreds of movie and television scripts; responsible for Cowboys and Aliens (originally signed Robert Downey Jr. to project)

Numerous Actors

Working and auditioning in LA, NYC, Chicago, with several starting their own theatres


NYC & KA: High end including Versace


2 LA: One won Edward Albee Playwriting Contest; with Theatre & Dance instrumental in getting play


Clearly the sky is the limit as long as you are willing to put forth the effort, and we will be with you every step of the way to provide encouragement and assistance. Once again, welcome to UAA Theatre & Dance.

Tom Skore, UAA Theatre & Dance Chair
Photo ColorTom Skore, Professor
Chair, UAA Theatre & Dance

 "Theatre is the art of giving life in performance
to dramatic literature..."


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