Why should you become involved with your Student Government?

USUAA provides opportunities to develop leadership skills while representing fellow students and making a difference on campus. USUAA members have input in policies, procedures, and program, as well as provide activities to build community and belonging at UAA. You can serve on university boards, committees, and task groups that make policy recommendations and decisions affecting students, faculty, and administration. 

By taking a leadership role through student government, you will increase personal growth, learn how to work in teams, and practice citizenship through community engagement and advocacy.

How to Join USUAA

If you are interested in joining USUAA by becoming a senator, you can do so in two ways:

  1. Fill out a Senator Petition Packet. Petition packet consists of at least 100 signatures of students taking at least three credit hours at UAA.
  2. Run as a candidate in the UAA General Election. UAA Elections occur in April and November each year.

University Appointments

If you are interested in being appointed to any of the many committees and boards on campus, contact the USUAA Student Body President directly or fill out an appointment application.

Appointments to Representative Positions

If you are interested in becoming one of the four Representatives (Club Council, Greek Council, Graduate Student Association, and Residence Hall Association) in the USUAA Assembly, contact each organization directly for more information.


  1. Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA at UAA.
  2. Complete at least three credit hours per semester.
  3. Have paid the student government fee.

    (USUAA Constitution, Article Five, Clause Two)


To learn more about leadership opportunities through student government, visit us in Student Union Room 201!