USUAA Committees

Please be advised that all USUAA committees and boards operate as whole during summer session of the USUAA General Student Assembly meetings conducting business for all committees and boards during this time.

All meetings are open and subject to Alaska state law to post 72 hours in advance, this includes any change in dates and/or time.






 Monday  1:00 PM  Student Union 201
 Legislative Affairs

 Wednesday  6:30 PM  Student Union 201

 TBA TBA Student Union 201

 Thursday  2:30 PM   Student Union 201
 Student & Academic Affairs

 Friday  2:00 PM   Student Union 201 

 Fridays  1:00 - 1:45 PM  Student Union 201 
 Executive Thursday  2:30 PM  Student Union 218 conference room

**Committee meetings are subject to change, however changes should be posted 72 hours in advance.**