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Women's Studies Program at UAA offers students unique historical and contemporary perspectives on women's relationships to culture, society, social movements, the arts, and many other aspects of human experience. These issues are explored with an emphasis on the intersection of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and theory.

The Women's Studies Program was started in Spring 1989. It grew out of a curriculum integration project that was launched in the late 1980s. The development of the Women's Studies Program was largely a grassroots effort supported by faculty from all over the University of Alaska Anchorage. Originally the Program was housed in CCCE, but in Fall 1993, it came under the jurisdiction of the College of Arts and Sciences, as an interdisciplinary minor. 

The strength of the Women's Studies Program comes from its 50-plus affiliated faculty members who teach in disciplines including English, History, Sociology, Nursing, Philosophy, Alaska Native Studies, Anthropology, Journalism, Social Work, Languages, Math, Communication, Theater, Psychology, and the Justice Center.



awilsonFor advising on the Women's Studies degree program or other social science degree programs, please contact April Wilson, SSB 352, Academic Adviser for the Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Walk in hours are Monday through Thursday (3pm-4pm), and Friday (9am-11:30am) or you can call and make an appointment (786-1356).




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