The Arthur Schaible Anatomy Award

Arthur Schaible

Dr. Arthur Schaible was a prominent interior Alaska surgeon who came to the state in1938 to head the Alaska Native Health Services Hospital at Tanana. In 1941, he moved to Fairbanks and remained associated with the Fairbanks Clinic until his retirement in 1971. He had a long association with the University of Alaska, which included serving on the Board of Regents from 1961 until 1969.

Criteria for The Arthur Schaible Anatomy Award

The student that best demonstrates excellence in Human Gross Anatomy is chosen as the recipient of the award. Excellence is determined according to objective and subjective criteria.

  • Objective measurements - Total scores on written, oral, and laboratory examinations. The awardee must receive Honors in Gross Anatomy, but does not necessarily have the highest grade in the class.
  • Subjective measurements - Excellence in Anatomy is demonstrated not only by test scores, but also by the quality of dissections, participation in class activities, and interaction with other classmates. The recipient must exemplify excellence in Anatomy by mastering dissection, showing leadership in the laboratory, and enthusiastically participating in all related anatomy class activities.
Recipients of The Arthur Schaible Anatomy Award 
2014Erik Woelber
2013Tyler Berliner2000Mike Bensler
2012 Stephen Wall 1999 Ty R. Vincent
2011 Shannon Son 1998 Erik G. VanEaton
2010 Nancy Bishop 1998 Roy D. Loewenstein
2009 Matthew Hand 1997 Erik Kubial
2009 Katherine Senter 1996 Ryan McGhan
2008 Tiffany Kelly 1995 Sohrab Gollogly
2007 Abraham Tsigonis 1994 Michael Starks
2006 Janelle Dubbins 1993 Karen McCreary
2005 Jeremy Wood 1992 William Joseph Dittrich
2004 Jeffery Knox 1991 Stephen Michael Wahl
2003 Jacob Gray 1990 Anya Jean Maier
2002 Aric Christal 1987 Stephen Alberts
2001 Lisa Chiou 1986 James Clyde Foxworthy