CY 2014 Award Winners


  • Dr. Nathaniel Hicks, Physics & Astronomy “PCAGE: A New Plasma Confinement Technique”
  • Dr. Aaron Dotson, Civil Engineering, and Dr. Eric Dickenson, Southern Nevada Water Authority, “Coupling UV Advanced Oxidation and Ceramic Membranes to Treat Challenging Waters”
  • Dr. Jonathan Stecyk, Biological Sciences, and Dr. Khrystyne Duddleston, Biological Sciences, “Influence of Temperature and Prolonged Oxygen Deprivation on the Composition and Diversity of the Turtle Gut Microbiota: A Novel Model for Understanding the Role of Gut Microbiota in Normal Physiology and Disease”
  • Dr. Erin Hicks, Physics & Astronomy, “A Step toward Understanding the Role of Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxy Formation and Evolution”
  • Dr. Ganhua Lu, Mechanical Engineering,“Vertical Graphene-Nanoparticle Hybrids for High-Performance Supercapacitors”
  • Dr. Joshua Swift, Psychology, “Client and Therapist Moment-to-Moment Ratings of Significant Events in Psychotherapy”
  • Dr. Sarah Gerken, Biological Sciences, “Diastylidae of New Zealand”
  • Dr. Lee Ann Munk, Geological Sciences, and Dr. Berry Lyons, Ohio State University, “Assessing the Effects of Silicate Weathering on Atmospheric CO? in the Aleutian Volcanic Arc”
  • Dr. John Kennish, Chemistry, “Determination of the rose fragrance, salidroside, rosavin and rosarin in the Arctic root Rhodiola rosea”
  • Dr. Kirk Scott, Computer Science & Engineering, “Android Apps for Computer Science Learning in Schools”
  • Dr. Jocelyn McGee, Dr. Rebecca Robinson, & Dr. Gloria Eldridge, Psychology, Dr. Thomas Nighswander, Alaska Native Medical Center, and Dr. Donald Thomas, “Malawi Resilience Project”
  • Dr. Ghulam Bham, Civil Engineering, and Co-PI Dr. Kenrick Mock, Computer Science & Engineering, “Development of a Fixed-Base Driving Simulator at UAA”

CY 2013 Award Winners

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  • Dr. Colin McGill, Chemistry and Co-PI Dr. Eric Murphy, Psychology, "Malate Supplementation: A Dietary Intervention to Improve Spatial Memory in Aged Rats."
  • Dr. Aaron Dotson, Civil Engineering and Co-PI Dr. LeeAnn Munk, Geology, "Source Identification and Complexation of Copper in an Urban Environment."
  • Dr. Jeffrey Callahan, Construction Management, Justin McVaney, Construction & Design Technology, and Co-PI Dr. Kenrick Mock, Computer Science and Engineering, "Augmented Reality, BIM and GIS for Mobile Platforms in Architecture, Engineering and Construction."
  • Dr. Khrystyne Duddleston, Biological Sciences and Co-PI Dr. Paddy Sullivan, Environmental and Natural Resources Institute, "Importance of the Microbial Community as a Driver of Tree Performance and Treeline Position in Northwest Alaska."
  • Dr. Mark McCoy, Chemistry, "Development of a Point of Care Assay for Vitamin D."
  • Dr. Jonathan Alevy, Economics, and Co-PI Dr. Michael Young, Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, "Seasonality and Economic Behavior."
  • Dr. Jill Flanders Crosby, Theatre and Dance, and Co-PI Brian Jeffery, Theatre and Dance, "Secrets Under the Skin Art Installation."
  • Dr. John Lund, Electrical Engineering, "Wireless Sensor Nodes with Advanced Signal Analysis Capabilities for Expanded Sensor Network Applications."
  • Dr. Scott Hamel, Civil Engineering, "Design and Evaluation of Thin-shell Latex-modified Concrete Barrel Roof Units."
  • Dr. Kenrick Mock, Computer Science and Engineering and Co-PIs Dr. Bogdan Hoanca, Computer Information Systems, Dr. Stephanie Bauer and Dr. Raymond Anthony, Philosophy, and Dr. Yasuhiro Ozuru, Psychology, "Revealing Human Moral Decision Making Through Eye Tracking."
  • Dr. Joey Yang, Civil Engineering "Carbon Fiber Tape-Based Anti-Icing Technology for Wind Turbine Blades."
  • Dr. Andrew Puckett, Physics and Astronomy, and Co-PI Dr. Travis Rector, Physics and Astronomy, "Seed Funding for the Production of the Definitive Aurora Borealis Planetarium Show."
  • Dr. Jonathan Stecyk, Biological Sciences, "The Turtle Heart: A non-traditional model to understand and potentially treat human cardiovascular disease."
  • Dr. Jennifer Stone, English, "Language, Literature, and Technology in Alaska."
  • Dr. Patrick Tomco, Chemistry and Co-PIs Dr. Mark McCoy, Chemistry, and Steven Seefeldt, UAF Cooperative Extension Service, "Characterization of Aminopryralid Degradation in Alaska Soils."
  • Dr. Liliya Vugmeyster, Chemistry, and Co-PI Dr. Dmitry Ostrovsky, Mathematical Sciences, "Computational Modeling of Protein Flexibility via Bridging Polymer and Protein Sciences."

CY 2012 Award Winners

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  • Dr. Jason Burkhead (Biology) for "Development of a Copper-deficient Mouse Model of Non-alcoholic FattyLiver Disease.
  • Dr. Don Spalinger (Biology) and Co-PIs Dr. John Lund and Dr. Herb Schroeder, for "The Trophic Dynamics of Nutrient Cycling in Western Alaska Tundra Ecosystems."
  • Dr. Khrys Duddleston and Co-PIs Dr. Fred Rainey and Dr. Loren Buck, for "Host-Gut-Microbiome Interactions in the Arctic Ground Squirrel: Investigations in an Extreme Hibernator."
  • Dr. Cindy Knall (WWAMI Medical School of Education)for "Assessing NFkB Targets in Oral Epithelial Cells Exposed to Iqmik."
  • Dr. John Lund (Electrical Engineering) and Co-PI Dr. Todd Peterson, for "Ultra-Long Lifespan Wireless Sensor Devices for Asset Management."
  • Dr. Anthony Paris (Mechanical Engineering) and Co-PIs Dr. Jennifer Brock and Dr. John Lund, for "Evaluation of Instrumentation to Assess Accelerations of the Head Due to Soccer Ball Heading."
  • Dr. Scott Hamel (Civil Engineering) for "Performance of Wood-Plastic Composites in Cold Regions."
  • Dr. Frank Moore (Computer Science/Mathematics) for "Improving the Science Value of CCSDS Lossy Compressed Images via Evolutionary Computation."?
  • Dr. John Kennish (Chemistry) and Co-PI Dr. Patty Zwolla, for "Development of an Integrated Cellular-Chemical Approach for Quantifying Effects of Marine Phthalates on the Function of Trout Immune Cells."
  • Dr. Colin McGill (Chemistry) for "Inhibition of TNFa-mediated nsMase Activation by Citrate and Malate in a Human Neuroblastoma Model."
  • Dr. Karen Ward (Center for Human Development) for "Teen Friendships & Dating Program."
  • Dr. Vivian Gonzalez (Psychology/Center for Behavioral Research and Services) and Co-PI Dr. Monica Skewes, for "Social Validity of Alcohol Treatments for Alaska Native College Students."
  • Don Rearden (College Preparatory and Developmental Studies) for "Heart of a Whale."