Geomatics in Your Classroom

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Associate professor, Dr. John Bean, has developed a program through which university faculty and students collaborate with Anchorage School District teachers to bring Geomatics theory and practices into the high school classroom.  John's approach personalizes surveying and GIS activities based on individual needs and interests of high school teachers and their students. 

Goals and objectives are:
To share geomatics technology with students and to make them aware of career opportunities in geomatics fields.

Current activities:
We are currently working with 10 different classes in six schools.

Would this program work in my setting? 
For a high school teacher interested in becoming involved, below are examples of ways we are have customize lessons for other teachers.
 - Map reading
 - Coordinate systems
 - GPS basics
 - Mapping with GPS
 - GIS basics
 - Using GPS data with Google Earth
 - Using GPS data with ArcExplorer
 - Using GPS data with Arc GIS
 - Surveying basics - leveling
 - Surveying basics - angles and distances
 - Hydrographic measurements
 - LASER scanning demonstrations

Contact information:
For further information or to discuss possibilities for your classroom, please contact John Bean through,