Safety and Emergency Information

Contained below are multiple links, documents, and webpages which provide a wealth of knowledge to keep faculty, staff, and students at the forefront of safety and emergency information.  As always, if you aren't finding what your looking for, please contact EHS.


Child and Minor Safety

If you are planning an event or function in which minors will be involved or you have questions about children on campus, click this link.


Weather Advisory

Alaska is a land of varying weather and can have a variety of events brought on by Mother Nature.  Click the link for the latest in Alaskan climate, geological, and oceanic news.


Emergency Information

Click the link above for access to emergency information including incident action plans, emergency training, and links to other sources of valuable emergency material.


Travel and Transportation Safety

The State of Alaska has many unique transporation challenges and dangers.  Click the above link to increase your preparedness, whether traveling in the bush or downtown Anchorage.


Safety Contacts, Memberships, & Committees

UAA Environmental Health & Safety staff are part of a much bigger and interrelated group of professionals who constantly strive to increase the degree of safety while maintaining the same efficient workflow.  This page provides links to numerous organizations or other University entities which share the same goals.



Every year, slips, trips, and falls on icy or slick surfaces represent the majority of injuries within the University of Alaska system.  The above link represents a program whose sole purpose is to keep employees healthy by keeping them on their feet.


Posters and Postings

Click the above link for a wide range of required posters and emergency postings for your workcenter.