Equity, Compliance and Title IX

In compliance with Title IX, the Office of Equity and Compliance receives reports of harassment and/or discrimination regarding students, faculty, staff or campus visitors. By making a report, those experiencing harassment or discrimination will receive support and/or accommodations and are provided the information necessary regarding their rights and resources to be able to make an informed decision moving forward. Reporting to the Office of Equity and Compliance helps to facilitate a safe a healthy educational and work environment in which educational programs, employment and activities are free of discrimination and harassment. The office administers and ensures compliance with Title IX and University policies, procedures and programs on equal opportunity, discrimination, affirmative action, harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking and retaliation.

Submit a Report

Reports to the Office of Equity and Compliance can be made via phone, email or by submitting an incident report UAA Discrimination and Harassment Incident Report. When a report is made, our staff will reach out to the complainant to provide the resources and information necessary to ensure safety and support. Only with the consent of the complainant, or when the university believes necessary, will a formal investigation be initiated.

UAA Discrimination and Harassment Incident Report


Confidential Resources

Confidentiality and privacy are important factors to consider when making a report of discrimination and requesting assistance and support. Confidential people and offices are those such as physicians, therapists and other designated people who are not mandated to share information you report to them with others, including law enforcement or the Office of Equity and Compliance.

Resources for Anyone at UAA

Resource for Employees

  • Employee Assistance Program
    Deer Oaks: 1-888-993-7650